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Test video: Barney's fetch

Barney's Mom

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I took my digital camera outside to see if I could video Barney fetching his ball. There is no sound, but that's kind of a blessing! Here, I'll do the sound for you....(think LOUD) Bark! Bark Bark! Bar ar ar ark! :lol:


All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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It works! Barney is such a cutie! Henry is somewhat of a barker, too, so I had to cut my recent video off when he started up. He just can't help it when he's excited and a game of fetch is involved!

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Thanks for sharing your cute and funny video! Finch will stop in the middle of her fetch to check out sounds too....looks like Barney does the same thing. :)

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I think Barney was distracted by some birds! They flock to our yard because we have a pile of corn chaff at the back corner from our corn stove. There are a lot of little pieces of corn in it, which means there are all kinds of birds there all the time! He loves to chase the doves because they are so slow to react!

I wish I could have captured his running when he first gets outside with the ball. He does this hilarious "run hop" with the ball in his mouth, like he has springs in his feet! I just get the biggest kick out of watching him do that! And even funnier is when he has the ball in his mouth and he starts barking at something!!! It sounds like he is barking with his face in a pillow!

You all will have to forgive the sorry state of my yard. I have yet to get out there and rake the leaves out of the flower beds. I am glad I postponed it though, because it has been very cold here. It snowed yesterday while the kids were hunting eggs!!

All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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