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Scout is not much of a "stuffed animal lover". She likes to chew the squeaker out, but nothing else......until she got these bunnies for Easter last year! She is drawn to the chickies and they are the ONLY toy she brings to me so I will play fetch with her.

Scout's love for ducks started with a fuzzy duck with little felt feet. She would bring the duck back to me, carrying the duck by the feet. Scout would turn the duck over and over so she could get a grip on the feet and then trot back over to me. Well, the duck is all worn out and the feet are just "nubs" now, so she has lost her interest in it. LOL! She is now in love with these two little chickies. One makes a quaking sound, and the other one "chirps". Here is Scout with one of her chickies....please excuse the doggie "slime" on the window. :whistle:


Here's a pic of Finch with all three ducks. I only took a few pics because they were more interested in the trash that DH was taking out than posing for a picture. :P


Scout's old duck is the larger one.

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waaaaa? Doesnt everyone have slime on their windows? We sure do!!!!! LOL

cute pics, i love your babies.....

Terry, mom of Dori and Ellie Mae


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cute pics, sigh, Toby's a shredder so we have no stuffed anything.....

I do however, claim multi-level slime on floor to ceiling windows :)

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sheila and Misty

very cute pictures. we had two ducks just like that the first one scruffy ripped off its head and carried around a headless duck, the 2nd one he chewed of the face-was one of his favorites as well. Mistys favorite is a rubber squeeky bear and its ooohh sooo loud.. SQUEEEK ! squeek squeek

and also those are ..not...slime marks -they are little nose smudges :P I hate to wipe them off.

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Lovely pics :wub:

Love the one with Finch and her ducks she looks so sweet :wub:


It has often been said if you have a Cairn Terrier in your home for a year you will have one for the rest of your life

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Slime on the windows is now a permanent fixture in the living room.....Montrose discovered the window, and the squirrels on the other side of it...... :twisted:

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Really cute how Scout likes her "feathered friends" more than other toys.

I have French doors in my living room that open onto my patio and garden. They are slime free no more than 30 minutes per week, immediately after they are cleaned. And yes, I do only clean them once a week and I am not ashamed of it! LOL

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I love Finch's collection. And her older duck is in great condition!

Maddy has 2 ducks that quack...they have those little voice boxes in them. I really have to be careful because if she can get the box out and swallow it, I'll have barking/quacking Cairns! UGh

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I love it when they have their favorite little toys like that; it's really endearing.

Thanks for the pix.

Oh, and by the way, nose marks on the patio doors, and of course on car windows

are a prerequisite (and mandatory too) for calling your family a Cairn household. :)

Tara, Mom of Many Nose Marks

Edited by tlwtheq

Max and Nelly

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Both Finch and Scout love this mallard too. My FIL always teased us about having small dogs. He always had labs, which he took duck hunting with him.

We bought this mallard, and a few others, to show that we have "duck retrievers" too!

Here's a video of Finch with the mallard:


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Great pictures! I see the "foot" destruction on the poor porr ducky! lol

I understand the SCHNOZZ-print and licky-thing...not only do I have Cairns---but kids!!! lol


--Cleaning the window is a daily event--if only to keep the germs away! lol


We're the Cairns of America

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