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Thank heaven he was tethered.....

Barney's Mom

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Mrskti, I have you to thank for telling me about tethering. Today, I honestly think it saved Barney's life.

If we don't let Barney have the free run of the kitchen, we have him tethered to a 25 lb. weight on a 5 foot leash, which he seems perfectly OK with. Well, hubby came home and went to the pantry for a bag of peanuts. As he was pulling the bag out, he knocked a full, 25 ounce bottle of olive oil on the floor, which shattered in a million pieces and left a pool of oil all over the kitchen floor. Of course Barney went nuts and was trying to get to the spill. The neck of the bottle broke off and rolled to about three inches from within Barney's reach on the leash. He was snarling and growling, trying to get to that bottle neck, but I was standing on the leash so he wouldn't pull the weight closer in order to get the bottle neck. If he would have gotten it, it would have lascerated his tongue and who knows what else. I am so thankful that he was not loose in the kitchen or we would have been taking him to the emergency vets. He would have stepped in broken glass and oil. He wanted to grab that bottle neck in the worst way and I am sure he would not have even heard me if I told him to "wait". He becomes hyper focused on unique or dropped objects and loses all sense of hearing.

His guardian angel was at work today!! :halo:

All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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What an upset! Glad you pulled on the reigns :) and glad Barney is okay! Don't slip and fall in your pantry now! :)


We're the Cairns of America

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Wow, that sounds like quite a mess! Thank goodness he didn't get to that broken bottle or slip and slide in the mess. Although, that would have made for an entertaining story of how you cleaned him up! I'll bet you buy a plastic bottle next time, huh?

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Well, that was one disaster avoided, thank goodness. These little pups are fast and when they see something they want, neither hell nor high water will stop them. I'm so glad this story had a happy ending and Barney is okay. We never know when someone's tips will come in handy.

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