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We adopted Bailey 5 months ago. By predictions from the humane society, he is now 1 year and 7 months old. He's been a GREAT adopted dog. We often disucss how it is that anyone could have ever given him up because he really is so wonderful, loving and "almost" perfect! So we've had barely any problems.... EXCEPT.......He does not signal us to want to go outside for a potty break. The ONLY time he did was when he had a late night diareah problem.

In the first 2 weeks of having him, he had a few potty accidents. Pee and poop in the house. Each time we were rather certain that it was OUR fault because we weren't paying close attention to his time table since there is never any signaling.

Well, over the weekend we found old pee (dried) on a wall/baseboard. And the last 2 nights he has pooped in the same area. The two poop situations were completely unexpected as they both happened about 1.5 hours after his mid-day poop.

I know this is a behavior thing that we can train. I guess I'm plum out of ideas since I'm so frustrated. Any advice??? Especially for those of you who have adopted a dog and not had the luxury to potty train them yourself?

P.S. We are now confining him into a room with us to keep an eye on him and to not allow him the freedom throughout the house. Also... he is prefectly healthy right now... no tummy troubles of any sort.

Kate, Darcy & Bailey's mom
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Are you familiar with the enzyme products on the market that get rid of urine and other excrement? Start there, but be careful, as enzymes are organic and so is wool, the enzymes will eventually eat and destroy a wool rug. I learned this the hard way with a Persian rug. After you eliminate the "mark", work on the behavior. I like positive reinforcement and keep my dogs on a disciplined schedule. I have the luxury of pee pee breaks for them every 2 hours during the day. You may not have that, so hopefully you are crating or limiting space. I click and treat for all pee pees and poops outside. I walk in the same spot for potty breaks. I feed a very disciplined home cooked healthy diet. My pups have been with me since 8 weeks old so I have never experienced a behavior problem (except the ones I accidently created) . Hope that helps you

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