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Cairn and Bichon Frise


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We've had a Cairn (tee-tee) for almost a year, a friend couldn't keep her in his townhouse because there was no one home and spent most of the time in her crate almost all day. Now some other close friends had to give up their brichon frise (nicky) because their new born was biting her. We were trying to find it a home but their olderst daughter of 6 was really attatched so we dicided to keep nicky at our house untill the baby is bigger, possibly for ever.

My question is do cairns et along with outher non-cairns. Tee-tee is a good 4 inches taller and 5 pounds bigger than nicky, who is older but seems in need of alot of love. Nicky is very needy of people while Tee-Tee has become used to staying at home during school hours.

right now we have them both together while someone is in the house, tee-tee usually hits her couch by the window and tends to get very territorial with nicky. When we leave we tend to let nicky rule the basement and tee-tee the main floor.

Sleeping has been a big problem with the new one and the cairn seems to get jealous if someone were to bring in the brichon into their room for the night.

Any tips on how we can get these two dogs to comingle in peace. Also the cairn is out of heat but tries to straddle the much smaller brichon whenever she gets the chance. The thing is that they are both female.

Help. :confused:

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Any dog can get along with any other type of dog regardless of breed, however, how well they get along depends on their personalities. It sounds like Tee-tee is very territorial, and you are having maybe more problems than some because they are both female. Your cairn is straddling the bishon to show dominance. Your cairn wants to be in charge.

The only suggestions I have are these:

Make sure that you are paying attention to both dogs, and that each does have their one on one moments with uprights.

Give your cairn treats first-it was her home first.

Feed them in crates or otherwise separated until they get along better.

Teach your cairn what is appropriate-break up the straddling and get her playing with toys or something else.

You mentioned that the bishon is having trouble sleeping-does she not want to be alone? Can both dogs be crated separately, but in the same room so they can see each other? Perhaps in one of the bedrooms?

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The bishon came with a little dog house, she will stay in their for a while but in the middle of the night starts scratching doors until someone takes her in. I took her into my room but she later left so i closed the door and woke up next to my door. I don't want to bring in the bishon because we've finally gotten the cairn to either sleep on the couch or in her bed and wouldn't like undo her progress.

We could use the cairns old crate, is it a good idea to crate one and not the other, the cairn goes crazy in crate from past experience. They have been sleeping in the living room for the past two days and haven't caused havoc over night.

thanks for the tips.

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We have a pug with three Cairns and they co-exist. The Pug is a people dog and always wants to be with us and when we are not available he wants to be with his Cairns. During the day the 2 older Cairns and pug run loose in the sun room. The puppy is in a large crate in another room. My oldest female Cairn wants to be in control. My male who is the oldest is in charge and when he fusses everything stops and everyone behaves. They are fed in the crates and at night I have 4 wire crates they sleep in. I tell them bed time and the run to the crates and wait for the treat. Now if one of them is tired they will go to bed early crawling in the crate and the others leave them alone.

Harley, 8 month old Cairn girl, didn't really like her crate. She would fuss, it took about a week of us getting no sleep before she figured out I was not going to let her out at night.

I think if they know you are the boss and what you want they will co-exist. I personally like crates for sleeping. I was one of those persons who didn't really like crates when I got my first Cairn, I had always had large breed dogs that stayed outside with lots of room. I have since changed my opinion and really like them.


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Thanks for your help. Tonight after an hour or so of fussing and crying, the bishon finally went to sleep. But this morning, it was all the same.

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