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Is Barney "all there"?

Barney's Mom

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Knowing Barney's history with lack of oxygen to the brain when his heart stopped after his neuter surgery, sometimes I wonder if some of the things he barks at are "normal". Below is a list. I would love to know if anyone else's dogs bo balistic over similar things.

1. Barney walked into the kitchen and just started barking at the ceiling fan for no reason. It was NOT moving.

2. Looks out the window at night and barks when it's pitch black.

3. Barked at my salad spinner.

4. Barked at an aluminum can in the trash when I was emptying it.

5. Looks down the driveway and barks like he is going to kill something when there is nothing there.

Those are a few of his more quirky barks. Is this kind of an "adolescent thing" or do they mature out of this "bark at imaginary things" deal as they get older?

The can in the trash incident was tonight, and you would have thought there was a wild animal in the trash the way he was carrying on! He did one of those barks where there is hardly any pause from one bark to the next, and he snorts to get air as he goes crazy barking!

Either I am missing something here, or I have one deranged dog!

All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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Let's see, maybe he was barking at the ceiling fan to get it to move ? Barking in the pitch black I can understand a bit better....Just 'cause we can't see something, doesn't mean Barney isn't smelling or hearing something. I do wish Toby would just bark at the trashcan versus get into the darn things. He's got to have springs for legs, just just bounces into the outside trashcan.....nothing, absolutely nothing is sacred here. In the bathroom or kitchen, Toby now boucnes until he sees something, then works a few more bounces to be able to snatch the desired item off the counter. It is actually rather amazing !

Salad spinner barking sounds like fair game to me. I often think we think there isn't anything there, but with their better sense of smell and hearing, there's lots going on for the pups that we aren't even aware of.

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I am not an expert by any means. We have had our cairn since the middle of January. She is now 6 months old and is a barker and protector! She barked today at a vase of flowers. My mom brought me flowers (nice huh?) because I have been sick. I put them in a vase and when she saw the vase......something new on the table.......went ballistic. She also barks at the sweeper, the mop, the hairdryer, deer in the yard late at night that I can't see, squirrels, leaves blowing in the wind, toilet tissue (!), the trash sack coming out of the can, doorbells, telephone and her reflection. We will never be bothered without her telling us! I wasn't sure if I could handle such a busy little dog, but we are enjoying her more every day. We sure laugh a lot now and that is what was needed in our home. Your Barney sounds pretty normal to me!!

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sheila and Misty

Misty barks at anything she has yet to recognize as should be there. she barks at the flag when its windy sits in the middle of the living rom at night in the dark and barks at the fishtank,if I put something new on the wall or move furniture or if a paper bag rolls across the driveway.. and yes sometimes to let you know if things are off that shouldnt be or the other way around,My last cairn did the same thing if anything was out of place. I think it completely normal

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WOOF! Eli, here. Grand Pooh-Bah of CUR. :king:

Way to go, loyal members of CUR! The totally random barking disturbs and confuses the Uprights. Good job. Keep up the mayhem.

WOOFWOOFWOOF! (for no particular reason, just because I can) :whistle:

Eli B)

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Hello! Well I am fairly new on here and Penny is our first Cairn and she does bark at allot of different things including barking at the back door when it is black outside. She also barks as others have said when something is out of place. I really think it must be pretty normal if they all do it! Here's a funny one we have wood floors and she barks and chases the broom when I sweep it's like she is going to attack the broom :P Fun times!

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Kirby barks at:

The sound the furnace makes when it starts-it's winter. It starts a lot.

The trash when removed from the home.

The trash cans on the side of the street when out for pick-up.



Random blowing trash.

The sounds the guy upstairs makes when he's doing whatever he does-and he does a lot!

Cars driving past with loud engines.


She also barked at our ceiling fans when summer was over and we turned them off for the first time in weeks. I guess she got used to them moving. She never noticed when we turned them on.

Stuff on shelves if she hasn't noticed it before.

Smells from the neigbors house.

Food I'm cooking when it smells really good to her, and she wants it. She hasn't gotten any yet.

Branches on the ground sticking out of snow drifts.

Barney sounds completely normal. :confused:

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Normal for a cairn is, well, different. Mary, I had almost the same strain of post about 6 months ago. Currey went through a phase when if my purse was left out on the kitchen island, he'd go nuts at it. Also, papers stuck to the fridge with magnets would inspire insane fits. This past weekend he stayed with family while we travelled, and he went on a mad barking spree at my niece's toy duck. Usually when he gets barky, its one of two reasons 1) he sees something he desperately wants to chase and can't get to it (squirel, neighbor, leaf, dog, cat, and just about anything out the window. 2) he gets what one person on the forum described to me as the "weird willies" where he seems terrified of the object (purse, paper on the fridge, spice jars on the kitchen counter, vacuum, hairdryer, toy ducks) The fearful bark always shocks and amuses me, especially when the "scary" object is a piece of paper or something of that ilk!

Thank you all for the great laugh at your lists of barks! Have fun!


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Perhaps you have ghosts.............boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Lol. It's funny how all Cairn's are different.

Ellie didn't start barking until about 2 weeks ago...and she only barks out the window and people, squirrels or those pesky neighbor cats...oh, and the occasional mutant racoon (it's enormous). Now, the one thing that actually bothers me about this is it always seems to happen at naptime--oh well, the kids are used to it and sleep right through barks, growls, squeaks and the occasional LIIIIIIIICK.

Gracie, on the other hand, will bark when she excited...this is a frequent thing since she is only 3.5 months old. When my daughter goes into the kitchen and then comes back in, Gracie barks and runs to her like it's been years since she has seen her. When Dan gets home from work, Ellie of course get's the first hugs and kisses...Gracie runs to me barking and wagging her tail wildly. What a goober!


We're the Cairns of America

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My silly girls bark at each other. My husband leaves for work before me and as soon as he shuts the front door they start howling. The other day I went downstairs to see what all the commotion was about...the girls were on the floor, facing each other (practically nose to nose) just howling away, like two little cyotes. They seemed to be having a ball! They looked up at me as if to say "what are you looking at mommy?"

I was wondering the same thing Barney's mom...are my girls deranged!?! In any case, I love my crazy cairns!

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You should hear the racket a chorus of four makes when they start yodeling.

How well I know the racket of yodeling w/ my three Cairns and Westie pup who has joined the chorus, not to mention the baritone yodel of my Lab who also joins in. :w00t:

<img src=&quot;http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/maiwag/terriersiggy.jpg" border="0" class="linked-sig-image" />

Beth, mom to Ninja (5), Hannah (7), Abbey (7 1/2), Kiara (10)

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According to Bentley ( thats my Cairn barker expert) you have to bark at anything that is out of place, new, missing or moving. He knows cause he just woke from a nap & barked at the sound of hubby moving the toilet seat. He thinks everything should be explored and is very vocal about it. I think what your Barney is doing is the norm for Cairns, as they seem to be very observant and know they know areas well. Bentley barked after we got rid of a car that was taking up space in our yard for a couple of months for 2days, every time we past its spot. Hope this eases your mind.

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I consider Marley to be pretty normal but he barks at...

- Wheels that are moving (roller blades, bicycles, scooters, skate boards...)

- Tape measures

- Air hose (ie the kind for air tools)

- Dogs on TV

- Barks outside at night just to let all the dogs in the neighborhood that he is out. That gets them all started.

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