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Smelly dog, smelly dog what are they feeding you...

Amber and the zoo

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Okay, so I knew it wouldn't be easy having a new puppy around the house, but it has actually gone surprisingly well...except for one thing. Gracie INSISTS on pooping in her kennel. We do great with the crate training as far as going outside. I take her out and she goes immediately. . .alot too...it's not like she is just going a little. BUT, I put her back in her kennel--there she goes. Cleaning poop out of puppy fur is becoming my second job!! lol. We got her the smallest crate they had and I quartered off the back...she STILL does it and this only makes it worse because she has less room to get away from it and ends up tracking it all over the place! I guess what everyone says is right...all Cairns are different because Ellie never had these issues. Any suggestions? I'm up :censored: creek without a paddle!!! lol




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Your baby has learned to assoicate her Kennel with Poopy-time. Do you use different key words for peeing and pooping? I made a mistake using the same keyword for both... and found a disconnect, so I had to introduce Poop along with Potty.

Clean the cate well.... then watch for her 'poop' signs, then wisk her outside.... your little baby has learned to associate pooping with her Crate, and she thinks this is were she is to go...

Good luck, and have a cocktail.... puppies do grow up and you will see light at the end of the tunnel!

Tracy, Brattwrust & Mettwurst a.k.a The Gremlins
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We have had kinda the same issues here at our house BUT things are improving. I haven't had to clean poop out of the crate in 5 DAYS now and no pee in 3 days. Piper is almost 12 weeks old.

By the way - we got SNOW this morning, 2nd snowfall of the year. The boys had big fun outside. It was just deep enough to hide a tennis ball. I will try to post a picture in a bit as I am getting an Internal Server Error right now

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