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what are those little ice balls called?


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Izzie loved, loved, loved our weekend snowstorm here in the D.C. area! We had about 4 and a half inches, so her belly was well in it, so she was hopping around in the snow like a bunny. Sooo cute!

Now, what do you guys call those little ice/snow ball clinger-ons? I'm thinking you guys had a term for it.

(I cuddled her up in a blanket and held her and rubbed them softly till they melted. She loved being cuddled--this time!--cuz usually when I do that I have a brush or comb in my hand!)

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Here is Gem's snowball collection


Here she is about to go in a sink of luke warm water to melt them



It has often been said if you have a Cairn Terrier in your home for a year you will have one for the rest of your life

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I call them POM-POM BOOTIES!

We sit in front of a small space heater we keep in our bathroom after a romp out in a thick snow like that. It helps melt those pom-poms so well and dries their coat nicely so they aren't sitting aorund the house with wet fur. It's become such a ritual that we even do it on really cold nights after our last trip out before bed time. They are so accustom to it that when I say "who wants to sit in front of the heater with their mamma" both come running to sit in my lap in front of the heater. I just love it!

Kate, Darcy & Bailey's mom
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I put Barney in his ex-pen when he comes in with "snow pants"! He likes to bite the little snowballs off, and also this allows him to thaw on indoor-outdoor carpet instead of my linoleum! After he is done, I towel him off and sit with him in front of the fire. He is quickly in dreamland.....

All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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We use a blow dryer, low heat, on Piper's snowballs.

He seems to like the warm air and all the fussing we do, rubbing and giving him lovies during it.

Now we are getting into 'mud season'. I don't know which is worse!!


Cathy and Piper

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