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Saturday night fun...


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On Sat night my sis and her family came for dinner, she brought her lab mix Maddy. Normally Roxy and Maddy love running around playing and Susie usually chases them barking like she is trying to get them to behave. Its quite funny to watch, however we have had some stinking hot weather here the past few days and Sat night it just didn't cool down the dogs were fairly quiet, and just hung around us (probably waiting for someone to "accidently" drop something)

Susie proved again that dogs have no concept of size, (I would never try to bully someone 5 times my weight), but she did. She got grumpy at Maddy for getting too close to me and then my dd was holding her and Maddy came over and Susie "had a go" at her, luckily Maddy just walked away.

Susie really wants to be alpha and I find it interesting that these big dogs seem to accept it (this isn't the first time she has done this). Susie used to be like this if Roxy came up to me when I was holding her, but now she is much calmer and doesn't do it anymore. I think it took her a while to settle and not to feel threatened which is possibly why she behaved like this on Sat - Maddy must have appeared as a threat to her. It also probably didn't help that they were all staying close to us.

Even though Susie didn't seem overly enthusiastic about the visit Roxy sure was, she stayed close to Maddy and eventually (when the temp dropped a bit) they did play - not quite as energetically as usual though.



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Cute pictures!

Darcy and Bailey SWEAR that they both weibht 150 pounds whenever the next door neighbor Germ. Shepard is out in his yard. Our two raise such a stink you would think they were trying to kill something! Nope... instead just trying to prove that they can be as big as the neighbor!

Kate, Darcy & Bailey's mom
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