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finally walked away from his poop!

Maddy's Max

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I have always had the poop eating issue with Max since he came home from the breeder. I had tried many things and finally got the product 'Forbid'. You put it in the food and it makes the poop taste bad. I've been giving it to him for 2 days and today I think he might have had a little snack in the afternoon, not for certain. I thought he was just going to pee but I had suspicion that he might have pooped but there was no evidence left! But tonight he went out and did his business and took a sniff and totally walked away from it and wanted back inside. Normally I have to bribe him away from it with a treat and clean up immediately. If left alone he would totally clean up on his own! I think it has worked. I bought enough for 6 days so I'll see how it goes. I can't believe he finally walked away from it and didn't run around like a nut trying to dodge me to get at it. I didn't think he would ever stop. If anyone is having this issue you might want to try this product. Max was a die hard poop eater!!

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Glad the Forbid worked. I tried it in the past and it was not effective with my dogs, neither was a half a bottle of hot sauce, and you-name-the-remedy. :-)

Not to discourage you, but unless you are prepared to fund Forbid for the rest of Max's life, it is not a "cure."

As disgusting as it may be, "poop-eating" is natural. I've had dogs that do and dogs that do not - I much prefer the latter, of course. Whenever my two are in the garden I follow them outside with a plastic bag, so they don't often get the chance. That's the only permanent cure, removal. :-)


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I agree with you Cairnmania. It's actually prooved me wrong. He actually walked away from it for a couple of days but he had a munch the other day. I do not think it is going to work after all. He had a look at it this morning before I cleaned it up. I'm sure if he had been left alone he would of chowed down. I guess I have come to the realization that I need to go out with him to do his business and follow him around as usual with the poop shovel. Oh well. I do not think the FORBID is working now. I only got enough for six days so unless things improve I won't puchase anymore. Does anybody know if FORBID has any side effects?


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