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Why do they have to be so smart?


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I hate it when a good technique goes bad.... Chris and I use the word goodie and sometimes an actual visual of a goodie to get the girls in (especially when it's 10 below out and we need them to come in ASAP) - now they refuse to come in until one is shown or even thrown to them - Brystal comes to the door - you go to open it and she runs away - then comes back - it's become a game - we used the goodie technique because we needed something to get them in right away due to the weather and now they think it's mandatory before they'll come in.... they're just too clever for their own good... someone needs to write a book about how to out-think a Cairn at all times... very clever little dogs...

Hollie Edelbrock & Brystal Sonoma
Chris, Stacy and Little Noah
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Hey, first of all, thanks for giving me a huge smile for a "icky" day !!! Worth a try, go outside with the treat, show them, then run really fun like back into the house ? Will they chase you ?

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Since we don't have a fully fenced yard, I have to dress like an eskimo to take Barney out for potty! Therefore he is on a leash and I can hawl his rear inside when I want him to! If we did have a fenced yard and I let him out to go potty by himself, I would be experiencing the same situation as you are, only worse!!! :whistle:

All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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Thanks to Grandmom who is home with Scully during the day we are now going through the same exact thing! That doesn't sit well with dad who is the only person Scully will listen to. As for me? I actually go out in my pjs to pull on her lead to get her inside. Yep...WE'RE the ones they trained. :confused:

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sheila and Misty

They are stinkers! My husband was all pround rigging up a doorbell system -so Misty could let us know when she needed to go out. If we dont answer the bell she runs to the paper(most of the time).

The point is we now hear Ding Dong Ding Dong.....Ding Dong....alot and we have to let her out because she is potty training and although most of the time she has to go-its those tweeners that she has trained us to respond to out of fear that she will go on the rug. and really she just feels like investigating . Boy does she ever know us!

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Renny is the same way. If he doesn't want to come in yet, there is no real way to catch him. When I do come up with what I think is a clever way to grab him, it will work no more than about 3 times before he figures it out. He does seem to know when he has reached the limit though. He will push it just so far and then cooperate and come in.

He can be a real "butthead" during the day, and will prefer to be outside for a couple of hours. However, when he gets me up in the middle of the night to go potty ( about once every two weeks), he is fairly quick about taking care of business, and is ready to go inside and back to bed. I guess he knows that 3 AM is not the time to push it! Really smart on his part.

I have an odd situation with a fully fenced yard, but I have to go out the back door onto an unfenced driveway and through a gate to get to the yard. So, even though he has freedom in the yard, I carry him in and out. He would probably follow me in and out OK, until the first time a squirrell went by at the wrong time and head down the driveway towards the street.


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