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I love coming to this board to read about the funny things everyone's dogs are doing and to see the sweet pictures, etc. It lightens my (otherwise stressful) days. With that said, Henry is absolutely my main source of stress relief. He is so much fun and is extremely affectionate. The only source of stress I have regarding him is his constant need to be in my lap. It's sometimes hard to get anything accomplished, but it's equally hard to turn down the tiny barks that ask to be in my lap.

Lately, he's picked up a couple of habits that I find hilarious. I noticed him running up and down the hall one day, but it wasn't his typical crazy running all over the place. It was just slow laps up and down the hall. He was holding his head down and was snarling and rubbing his chest as he did it. It almost looked like he had something stuck in his mouth. I walked over to check him out, but I realized that we was playing with his tags. He was running up and down the hall making them jingle, and was trying to catch them! He did this over and over and over! I had given him a new toy the day before that was a hard rubber type material with bells in it and he did the same with that toy. I guess he was trying to simulate that fun! He's done this a couple of times since that day, but only on days that he hasn't had access to the bell toy.

He also figured out how to scratch his own back. He walks up and down the hall with his body contorted so that most of his back rubs against the wall. He gets really into it and starts grunting and doing his huffy barks. He'll then lay on the floor on his back, but up against the wall, and proceed to rub his sides and belly. It's the craziest thing I've ever seen! He does it about once a day in whatever room we happen to be in. It's too funny! He usually jumps up and runs around all crazy after doing it.

Anybody else have any funny quirks to share? I need a good laugh.

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Finch rubs her face and chest against the rug too....makes grunting noises too....really funny!

Scout loves her little duck. I bought some stuffed doggie ducks for Easter last year. I had the bag on a chair in the dining room. I was downstairs watching tv, when all of a sudden I heard "quack, quack"....Scout had jumped up on the chair, grabbed the duck, and was having a grand time playing with in on the floor in front of me! She usually tears up stuffed toys, but for some reason she hasn't with this duck. She grabs this duck several times a day and brings it to me. The "quack" sound doesn't stop when she lets the duck go...it "quacks" for some time afterwards (which is wonderful when you are trying to listen to the tv!).

Finch's frisbee got stuck in the tree (again) today. It was about 3 feet off the ground where the tree makes a "fork". Finch barked and whined and finally decided to jump up and try to get the frisbee. I was amazed at how high she could jump! It took several jumps, but she was able to get her beloved frisbee back!

I love sharing stories...who's next?

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Bruski cracks me up all the time:

- When both my husband and I are home, Bruski will find his rawhide bone and then do a dance around it - he'll play growl, throw it in the air and chase it. It's almost like he's so happy he can't contain himself!

- He also loves to rub his face on the carpet and make grunting noises - kinda like an "argggghhhh" sound. Or sometimes he'll lay on his back with a toy in his mouth and make the same noise while rolling around.

- And typical of Cairns, I love when I talk to Bruski and he turns his head to one side - like he's really trying hard to understand me.

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My sofas and chairs all have grease marks around their base at approximately Cairn head level : :ermm: I wish my two would use the walls - at least they would be easy to wash or repaint!

Cairns keep me amused too, they are delightful, happy dogs. I love the picture of a pup trying to make his tags jingle.

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my two terrors give me so much joy and stress at the same time

their personalities are soo different I cant picture a day with out them...heres a funny picture of them attacking my husband they ere excited! :whistle:


Here's another where Angel was biting my sister in laws dog blade and lol scotty was trying to do naughty things.... :censored::twisted:



Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really." - Carlotta Monterey O'Neill

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I have started this habit of buying BIG toys for Barney so it takes a little longer for him to destroy them! <_<

I buy the long rawhide rolls for him to chew on because he can't get big chunks off in one bite. Well, when the bone is new, he likes to fling it across the room, then chase it and pick it up and fling it again! It makes very loud crashing sounds when it hits the stove drawer where my pots and pans are! And it seems like he does this especially when we all sit down and eat a meal. I think he does it because he wants to be a nuisance due to the fact that he has to wait until we are done to get his meal! :twisted:

All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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