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Took my uprights to a fancy kennel


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hey all you dawgs,

my mom was just posting but walked away from the computer-box, so i jumped right on. i gotta tell you CUR members about the wild times i'm having. my uprights packed up the car and took me to a kennel again. but get this - the kennel is so big that the uprights and me are sharing it! wow, right? we checked in like a normal kennel, and brought my bed and crate and toys and food and everything. but then, they took me up to the biggest kennel ever, and the uprights stayed with me! the kennel came with a doggie bed that was so big that i let my uprights share it with me! the big difference between this one and the regular ones is that i get in big trouble when i RUNAROUNDBARKINGMYFOOLHEADOFF. don't know why - what the heck else you gonna do when in a kennel? 'specially one with a huge window with cars going by! anyway, i've spent lots of time locked up in my crate while the uprights put big sticks on their feet and slide real fast down a hill (uprights are so weird, geez), but the upside is that i get to run around in TONS of snow and ice when they let me out. its totally worth the crate time! uh oh, here comes my mom again. better go before she catches me. back to romping with my toys!!!


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Yo Currey, what a sweet deal!!!! I am SOOOOOOO jealous that you have all that snow to play in. That's my most favoritest thing in the world.

But what the heck are your uprights thinking???? Sticks on their feet?? Go figure!


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Okay, okay...we all know you rule your uprights but man, you got it made in the shade. Please don't tell me you get breakfast in bed...

Well, enjoy the good life while it lasts, my friend. I guess we all deserve a little tender lovin care every now and then. After all, they'd be lost without us around.


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Wow! I am so jealous! Any chance of unlimited treats in this fancy kennel? Next time you are going, let me know! Your uprights won't notice if you bring me along... Besides, we can RUNAROUNDALLCRAZYBARKINGOURFOOLHEADSOFF while they slide around on sticks (Sorry dude but that is totally weird...) We can't get in trouble if they aren't there.... B)


We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made.

-M. Acklam

Savannah's Dogster Page

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