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A little help from Toby


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Freezing cold, I went to Wal Mart after work......very tired, was going to be a quick trip in and out. Toby goes to work with me, he was going to hang in the car for the few minutes I was going to run in. Got my stuff, go out to my car, whip out my carinbiner "spelling ?" that holds my keys and my car key wasn't on it. Then I remembered hearing a noise as I got out of the car, but didn't think anything of it. My car key was sitting on the floor under the steering wheel. Luckily, I had left the car window open a inch for Toby to get fresh air. Called my son, he brought up a broom handle, duct tape, and a sturdy coat hanger. So, here I am, fishing around the car with the hook to open the door and dear sweet Toby thinks this is the best game I've ever invented, attacks the hooking device ! Got him to "leave it".......then got him to sit in the back seat, a bit more fishing around and got the door open ! What a night.....since I am a genius, I think it's best to mention that my "spare" key was also floating around inside the car somewhere :cry:

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What a good boy, Toby, was!!!

One of the main reasons I use my car key to lock my car door is because I'm so scared (happened once) of locking my car with the key inside!

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Sorry you had that happen, but haven't we all at some point done the same thing? I locked my keys in my car and I could see them on the floor, just couldn't get to them. Arggggg!!!

I read this little hint in the paper so you may want to try it if there is a next time:

If you have your cell phone handy, and you wife/hubby is at home where the 2nd set of keys happens to be, call and get them to push unlock over the phone and it should miraculously open your car door. My hubby and I tried it in the safety of our driveway and lo and behold, it worked. Whoever thought of that must be a genius (sp?).

Glad Toby was okay with all the excitement going on around him. Such a good boy to stay seated in the back seat. Mine would have been at the window barking at me or in a frenzy!!!

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