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Greta is going to school


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Well watch out world here comes Greta! I have signed her up for a "fun" training class done by my vet. It's held every Saturday for 8 weeks. It's pretty much basic training and socialization time. I am soooo excited. For the class she wants me to bring a toy that she will respond to. Well my pup doesn't just love one toy inparticular, she loves all her toys. One of her favorites is a cat tunnel that she loves to carry around the house and of course go in and out of. Do you think it will look silly if I bring this to class? :whistle:




Oh and last night she discovered her first mole. I guess my other little hunter (cat named Oreo) decided to leave a present for us on our path to potty. Greta went absolutely bonkers. After she smelled it, I knew the play time would begin rather quickly. So I put her back in the house while I sent Mr. Mole on airflight to a "better place". Needless to say the whole time we were outside trying to potty, her nose was to the ground. About 15 minutes later in the pouring rain I decided it was time to get the potty business done and back into the house. I think I have an earthdog on my hands!


There is no faith which has never yet been broken except that of a truly faithful dog. -- Konard Lorenz
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I would leave my dog's very favorite toy at home and pick another favorite. The cat tunnel means something extra special to her. Neither you nor Greta would want something to happen to it.

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I just wanted to add (since I can't find the edit button) that the thought of bringing the tunnel to class was a funny thought. I guess I shoudn't post so close to bedtime. :confused:

I am actually going to bring a tennis ball that squeaks, she loves those and I have plenty to spare.

There is no faith which has never yet been broken except that of a truly faithful dog. -- Konard Lorenz
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I thought you were joking about bringing the cat tunnel to class, but I wasn't completely sure. It is a really cute tunnel, I might have to look for one for Brody and Mia. We have a toddler tunnel, but it some how moved slightly while Brody was in it and now they are both afraid of it! Prior to that happening, Brody was running through it like crazy. Mia was never a big fan.

Good luck at the class.

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