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Two questions


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Hi! I do not have a Cairn (yet) but i have two questions:

1. what color do you call.. a dark brown cairn? red? black? wheaton? brindle? i am really confused.

2. do cairns and west highland white terriers vary in size too much? Do they get along?

sorry, i did not know where to put this post, thanks either way

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Hi, welcome to the Cairn forum. Without seeing a picture, it's hard to say what color a Cairn pup is. Many Wheaten pups are very dark when born. I'm by far no expert, but there is a certain line pattern in brindles that breeders see. I have a red brindle and a cream brindle, both were black when born. In fact, I thought my red brindle was a black brindle at first. They're both just registered as brindles, because it's really hard to predict their color. They still continue to change.

Cairns and Westies are very similar. I'm sure you might have read this, but here's some interesting links of both breeds.

Cairn Terrier History


West Highland White Terrier History


Cairns and Westies are close in size. The All Breed Profile states:

Cairn Terriers Size:

Height: 10 - 12 inches

Weight: 13 - 16 lbs

Westie Size:

Height: 10 - 11 inches

Weight: 15 - 22 lbs

Usually the parents are an indication of what size the pup may be, but there's no guarantee.

My three Cairns weigh approx. 13 lbs, 15 lbs and 19 lbs (give or take a pound). I also have a 14 wk old Westie who weighs 4 lbs and comes from small parents who are each only 10 lbs. I'm guessing he'll be small, but you never know. I'm hoping my Cairns will get along w/ the Westie, so far, so good. There's a couple others here who have both a Cairn and Westie that can probably tell you more.

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I have a 4.5 year old female Cairn and she was all black as a small puppy. She was a grey brindle by age 2 and now she is a red brindle! My 2.5 year old Cairn was a red brindle as a puppy and is still the same color. Guests could always tell my two apart, but now I am constantly getting asked "which one is this?".

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Dark brown is probably some variation of brindle as Cairns aren't usually one solid color.

Westies are pretty close in size and temperment to Cairns they tend to be a little bigger and have a heavier coat, and some think they on average are more "hyper" but I don't see that.

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Welcome to the forum.

Digger was very dark when we brought him home. And, even until a couple of months ago. His parents are silver/grey kinda color but Digger looks like a red-wheaton-brindle now. Not sure if that is a real breed color.


He has lightened up so much since a pup.


It all depends. You should ask Brad to post pictures of the changes in his dog. He has posted them before.

We love his changes, and hope that he continues to change.

We are bringin home a new girl next Saturday who is a red brindle, so I'm guessing she is lot like Digger in color.


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