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I never dreamed it would happen!

Barney's Mom

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Well, if someone would have told me back in June of this year that my growly, nippy, bratty little beast of a Cairn would turn into a sweet, loveable lapdog, I would have fainted dead away! Well, my dd snapped a photo for proof that yes, it is true! Barney has turned into Mr. Snuggles! He will sleep in my lap at the drop of a hat, and stay there for hours. He is getting some extra cuddle time in this picture because he has bronchitis and is coughing like crazy. The vet put him on antibiotics for 10 days. His lungs sounded clear, he's eating well, pooping normally and has no temperature. I sometimes wonder if dogs can catch what we have, because his cough was bringing up slimey white mucus, as mine was. Sorry to gross everyone out there! He has the same symptoms I have. I've been coughing for a month, so I hope he does NOT have what I have! Poor little muffin.....All he wants to do is be with Mommy....

I thought all you wonderful folks who have been encouraging me from the get-go would love this picture! :halo:


All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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Oh you lucky lady to have such a sweet little one. I hope you have many such moments together:))

Veni, vidi, velcro - I came, I saw, I stuck around
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Woof! Eli, here. Kudos to you, Barney, for following the CUR tactics to the letter. This time-tested tactic is precisely the reason puppies and babies make it to maturity! Keep up the good work, but remember our CUR battle cry: MAYHEM and CHAOS!!!!!!


Eli :king:

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what a sweetheart :wub: now wasn't it all worth it? :lol:


It has often been said if you have a Cairn Terrier in your home for a year you will have one for the rest of your life

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And doesn't the cuddle time make it all worth while? There's nothing better...(okay, maybe a nice rich cheesecake with strawberry topping or a pizza with everything on it)

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Like they say: A picture says a thousands words! he is so precious. I love when Kramer snuggles with me I can feel my blood pressure drop! Love the picture.

Good boy Barney you sure are a sweet mummys boy :)

Rhonda,Kramer & Angel Missy "Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog". "It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are" Missy Rainbow Bridge Memorial

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Wow - Barney sure is super cute - he really grew up to be a musher... but I figured he would - since we were both suffering puppy blues together for a while here and there... gosh he's just cute.

Hollie Edelbrock & Brystal Sonoma
Chris, Stacy and Little Noah
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Destroyed rug - $20.00

Chewed up glasses - $250.00

Destuffed armchair - $500.00

Barney snuggling on Mom's lap - Priceless

They just have some way of melting our heart when they willingly climb in your lap and snooze awhile. Amazing how they can really boast your mood without saying a word...

We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made.

-M. Acklam

Savannah's Dogster Page

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