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Hello, my name is Laurie and I am new to this forum. My little Ellie was purchased by my daughter three years ago for my birthday, and she was sold to us as a Scottie mix, part Lhasa-Apso (I have a pure-bred Scottie). Now that she is three years old, it has become evident to us and others that she is a Cairn Terrier. So, no, I don't have papers saying she is a Cairn Terrier, but one look at her is enough to convince anyone that's what she is.

Anyway, now that I have found this website, I look forward to learning as much about the breed as I can, especially about how to get her to let me brush her! She is very skittish, even fearful of the brush, though I can't imagine why, and she just won't let me brush her. In fact, she has chewed up two brushes, and she get's awfully matted if she isn't brushed. The last trip to the groomer's, she had to be clipped very short to get the matting out, so any advice on brushing her will be appreciated. I've tried rewarding her when she tolerates brushing for short periods, but she's still very nervous. And incidentally, the groomer says she is no trouble, so obviously the problem is with me!



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Welcome Laurie, I started brushing my oldest Kai-lee the first day she was home. I would brush her in the evening while I had her on my lap and it seemed to relax her. She's two years old now and she still enjoys it as long as it's not interfering with something she wants to do! Keegan my little one puts up with it but I can tell it's not as soothing to him as it is to Kai-lee, it's okay as long as I don't mess too much with his face or his tail.

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HI Laurie, welcome to the forum. We'd love to see a pic of your baby Ellie. I also have an Ellie, Ellie Mae.

Maybe if you can put a lead on her to keep her head up it would help. I find that is really a help when i'm doing my girls nails, we've pretty much mastered the brushing part, although they arent crazy about it. Your groomer would have her teathered that way for grooming.

Terry, mom of Dori and Ellie Mae


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Max does not like getting brushed, although he does tolerate it. He growls or whimpers when I brush him and bolts from my arms when I'm finished. I usually use a Terrier palm brush that I bought from an online store.

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Welcome to Cairn Talk!

Maybe you can offer her a stuffed kong (or any other chew) for her to eat while you try to brush her? I would start with just a few seconds and extend the time each day. You may also want to try when she is sleeping....or tired?

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Thanks for the welcome, everyone. Sorry it's taken so long for me to get back, but we've had a bit of a family crisis. My husband's father, who lives with us, had to be hospitalized on Dec. 27th with congestive heart failure and pulmonary hypertension, so things have been a bit unsettled.

Anyway, I had to laugh: my little cairn is Ellie Mae too. My daughter insisted on that (so I didn't get to name her, though I like her name just fine).

I have discovered that using her leash when combing her makes the session a bit less stressful. But I like the idea of giving her a chew toy while combing her, so I will give that a try. Do your dogs totally destroy chew toys the way my Ellie does?

I'll post a picture as soon as I can figure out how to transfer photos from my new digital camera to the computer! When you see her, just bear in mind that she was clipped very short in October.

I now have the Cairn terrier grooming guide I ordered, and I wish I had known when we first got her that she is a Cairn. Apparently there are things one should do with the coat while they are puppies. I do have a special comb designed for double-coated dogs that works pretty well, though I do have to be careful.

Will get to work right away on those photos!


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