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Gus made a new discovery.


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It finally happened. Gus finally discovered that if you follow those enticing little bunny tracks in the yard you sometimes find the end of them and there is a bunny in em. The race was on then till the bunny ran under a shed. Now when Gus is outside there is a whole new attitude toward bunny tracks.

It would be real entertaining except the little athlete is really getting some moves on him and not only would I feel awful if he caught one I'm quite sure my wife would have us both justifiably sleeping in the kennel.

Maybe it's time for a nice noisy bell on his collar. I shouldn't think it would take the bunnies long to connect a bell tingaling'ing off the deck at night to a brindle whirling dervish on their back trail. Even at just turning 8 months there is no doubt in my mind he'd for sure terminate the lease of any bunny he gets hold of.

He's a Terrier through and through.

The positive side of this is it's great to see where good breeding makes a better physical specimen of animal but doesn't take away the original breed instincts. This little guy would be in hog heaven over in Scotland bolting an otter out from under a rock pile or going to ground after a fox. To bad for the little Guster that we have a live and let live policy in our yard except for the gophers in the garden. Bet there's gonna be some big holes in my yard next spring :D , good! less to mow. Get those gophers Gus, dig boy dig!!! No one sees our back yard but us anyway and it's Gus's back yard now (except for the bunnies :) )

Have you hugged your Cairn today?

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It is so interesting to see them do what they were bred to do! Sounds like you have a little earthdog in the making! Go Gus Go!!!!

We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made.

-M. Acklam

Savannah's Dogster Page

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I know what you mean about gophers in the yard. My Bonnie hasn't caught one yet but it's not from lack of trying. She sees the holes and digs some times all I can see is her bottom . The problem here is we have sand and it makes for easy digging. But I'm afraid she might get caught in a cave in. Some of our yard is clay so I have to be careful when I mow I could break an ankle. MY "Gus" is younger than Bonnie so he kind of follows her lead. Yesterday they saw a squirrel in the front yard. We were on our glassed in porch.

I thought they were going to break the window ,they wanted that squirrel so bad. I would have let them out ,but we have some big dogs across the street that would have come over to fight them. Bonnie thinks she is the biggest thing around and would not give in to them. We can't go for walks because they run loose all the time. We live in the country and have talked to the owners, but he believes his dogs should be able to run free.

I never owned a terrier before Bonnie , she isn't a year old yet. People told me they were different from the other dogs we have had.{My Husband and sons raise Beagles and we have had English Bulldogs.} I didn't believe them. But am finding out they have a mind of their own. Bonnie acts like she is stone deaf at times. I'm learning a little about them and wouldn't trade either one for any other dog. I think we have the house breaking down but one never knows. Tips on terriers would be appreciated. I have looked for a book on Cairns but can't find one.

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If we lived in Oregon or Washington, I'm sure Barney would be a prize Earthdog! I walked out to our garage one morning right before I let Barney out. There was a big fat rabbit in the yard, but when I went back in he ran away. I then let Barney out and he ran RIGHT to the spot where the rabbit was and sniffed all around! Also when we are on walks and someone with a dog has walked toward us and passed us, Barney has his nose to the ground until we reach a spot where the dog hadn't been! It's pretty annoying when you are trying to get a stubborn little 9 month old Cairn to walk at "heal"!!! His nose amazes me with how he can smell things.

I agree, wouldn't you love to see them in their element in Scotland? Hey, that would be my element too because my heritage is Scottish! What a lovely mental picture....Barney and I walking the highlands! Now that would be fun!

Go Guster! :)

All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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We always have rabbits under our front porch, and as soon as Dori walks out the door she starts sniffing at the gap in the boards and snorting...it's so funny, she wants under that porch so badly.

When we walk in the yard sometimes they get on a scent and go crazy, and there is no peeing for a long time!!!! makes me crazy!

They're sitting on their bench at the window right now barking at something!! we have about 80 acres of woods right behind the house, which makes for a LOT of critters!!!!

Terry, mom of Dori and Ellie Mae


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Way to go Gus! With that prey drive he might make a great earthdog.

It's thrilling to see terriers go underground to find prey. Most people don't realize that after a 90 degree turn underground, it isn't just dark, it's a complete absence of light. When you consider this absence of light, plus the obstacles like roots and rocks, many times requiring the dog to dig to get around them, they're amazing. All of this is before meeting the foe, which could be a badger, weasel, otter or fox, all of which are fierce. The terrier won't back down. In the case of otter, they'll swim, sometimes underwater for them and if they have a grip on one in their teeth, it might drown before letting go! Our little cairns are cute and we debate whether to clipper or hand strip them, but the Crofter's prize dogs often had nasty scars on their muzzles.

Earthdog is a humane way to watch these guys work for what they were bred for. In the Master's class, there is a "hunt up", where they walk through a field or the woods to find the den. Again, for me, it's thilling to watch a cairn work!

What's even more amazing is that when the hunt is done, and they're by your side in the chair in front of the fireplace, you coudn't have a better companion.

Edited by Greg P

Greg and Val Perry

Home of Kula RN CGC, Am. Can. Int'l. CH Cairngorm Coffee Tea or Me RA ME EE2/Can. SE NAJ NAS CGC (Kona), CH Clanmarr's Steele Princess (Hattie) and CH Scotchbroom Thistle The Patriot SE (Sully) Visit: CroftersDream.com

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