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I wrote earlier on that I was a bit jelous that my boss and Elouise would bond when I went off to babysit. all that has changed. I leave her for 6 or 7 hours every saturday and when I come home she is VERY much in to me. She LOVES me. However, last week when i was home I couldn't help but notice the bond that my boss has with her. She likes to do "Chores" with my boss!

I'm sitting on the couch and my boss is walking through the livingroom with an armload of clothes and just as she passes me I see Elouise tucked neatly under her arm. I then go in to her son's bedroom where Elouise is sitting on the bed watching my boss fold clothes! THEN my boss picks her up and brings her out to the washing machine. She sets her on the dryer and sorts clothes. All the while Elouise is just sitting and watching everything my boss does. Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever heard of?! Mind you, Elouise is NOT carried everywhere, though she does enjoy being held.

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Sounds like Elouise is lucky to have two people who love her! Cairns are attention hogs, so while you are busy babysitting, Elouise is busy getting attention from the boss!

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