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If you recognize me from the random times I pop-in here, and leave an epistle . . . you may recall that my Toto is my second Cairn, and my heart,  and that my husband's heart goes to his Weimaraners, and have since he was a little boy.  He's never not had a dog, and if there was more than one, you could count on one of them being his Weemie.  He can rattle off their names, in sequence, and tell you what was special about each one.

When we lost Rupert (to cancer) after the first of this year, we had decided he would be the last Weimaraner.

Strange how things go.

The end of the week, we'll be bringing home a 5-month-old Weimaraner puppy, that as fate would have it, is a grandson of Rupert's father.  I don't think George is trying to duplicate Rupert.  I do think he just wasn't ready to be 'dog-less.'  The breeder is happy, George is happy, I am moving forward -- hesitantly, but excited for us -- and Toto?

I predict that after a few months of being an only child, it may come as a BIG surprise.  I am hoping my best little pal in the world may come to enjoy having a young-er dog that will play with him, keep him company, ya da ya da ya da.  My goal is to do this right,  the introduction, and adding the Weimaraner into the mix, so I would appreciate, more than you know, on how to make this go as smoothly as possible.

Toto never did really bond with Rupert.  Tolerated him.  And in some ways, probably made Rupert's life 'hell.'  I liken it to a teenage boy, 'into his life,' with a four-year-old younger brother.  The tables have sure turned.  Toto turns 5 today, and we are bringing home a puppy, a very large one.

So, Happy Birthday, Toto.  



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Good to hear from you, Brad.  Are you optimistic, or what?

We'll get through it, or we'll die, and then we'll be over it.  LOL.  George's famous saying.

Toto is sitting here, licking me, so I assume that is meant for you.  He has become such an endearing little guy -- to me, especially.  And he is having a very happy birthday, complete with his favorite things:  delicious breakfast, just ahead of schedule, ball-playing on the porch, outside times full of sniffing, squirrel-intimidating, *everything Toto.*

I hope he will like this Weimaraner puppy.  Crazy thing is this puppy is 5 months old, which would put his birth about the time we lost Rupert.  This puppy is also from Rupert's line -- I tend to 'see' things, and it spooks me a little bit, but I have been 'spooked' many times in my life.

But, I digress.

Thank you for the birthday wishes.  Thank you for the vote of confidence in reference to Toto's being a good brother.  Since I tend to get 'spooked' and I 'see' things, this could be the beginning of "Rupert's Revenge."  *BIG* smile

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We will pick up Toto's little brother -- all however many pounds of the 'little one' -- on Monday,  May 29.  It'll be an 8-hour trip, and I have decided to take Toto-licious with us.  I'll share how that goes.


If we were the type to register our dogs, like with the AKC, I'd have to make "Rupert's Revenge" part of it.

My goal for myself is to find some who can teach me how to take, and post, photos with my cell phone.  Watch this space.

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Well Toto you will no doubt need to give the new "little" one info on how to live in his new home. Rules and regs . Just because he's many times bigger than you we know you don't care. He still just a youngster needing your 'help' to settle in. Good luck little buddy. Let us know how you and the newby get along. Lots of fun ahead with new pup to play with.

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Happy Birthday to Toto!


I would do a slow introduction and monitor their interactions. When we introduced a new puppy, we did it away from the home. When we ended up in our home, we kept the puppy in a crate to let the older dog get use to a new member of the family for a few days.

Someone once told me to think of this situation as if it happened to you. How would you react if your husband brought home a new wife and said that this was going to be our new norm. It was an eye opener for me!


I'm sure Toto, and the new pup, will become fast friends in no time!

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