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Life with Molly


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Hi there, everyone!  We are not entirely sure that our Molly is a Cairn since she was a stray that we adopted from the animal shelter at 7 months old, but  the vet's best guess is  Cairn or Cairn mix. She has floppy ears and a white chest which I know are not typical in Cairns, but everything else seems to fit.  She is a little firecracker! She loves to run, loves to chase (our cats, the squirrels, anything that moves really), loves to bark, loves to dig, and loves to snuggle. She has a sweet and playful temperament, but NEEDS to be near her people or she whines and whines. She wants to be right in the middle of all the action and doesn't want to miss out on anything.   We're amazed at her speed and agility and we affectionately refer to her as "greased lightning".    Molly is probably about 14 pounds, has  wiry brindle fur, and intelligent eyes.  We've never had a small dog before, but we're smitten!


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Molly is adorable! She does look like she might have a tad bit of Cairn in her, especially her coat. What a cutie!

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Molly sounds to be quite cairnlike in her behavior. Years of fun ahead if so. She looks ready for anything! Enjoy!

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she does look cairny, and the attitude is very cairny too. floppy ears usualy make me think poodle, but poodle crosses usually have much softer fur. i find a cairn half (or quarter?) very credible. the rest is all cute!

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