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CBD oil?

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Oban has always had a real problem with fireworks and thunder: his trembles, whines, and cannot find a safe place to be.  Usually we take him into the basement TV room and turn the television onto women's basketball (he barks at men with beards, so we avoid the NBA).  If we stay there with him, usually all night, he will settle in eventually.  Of course, we never get a good night's sleep, and sometimes this can continue for days in a row.

In June, when there were riots near us, and in July, during the annual two-week-long fireworks, we used some calming drugs our vet had given us.  I don't like to medicate him, though, and of course we have to plan for the noise -- not always possible -- to ensure he takes them well before the noises start.

My cousin uses CBD oil for her dog, and she says this works effectively for him.  I went on-line to Chewy, In the Company of Dogs, etc., check out available products -- there are so many, and each offers a different purpose for its use.  Have any of you used any of the products?  Which ones?  And how to you use them?

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My advice is to find an integrated veterinary clinic that deals both in traditional and alternative treatments. That way you would get the proper dose, quality and advice. https://www.ahvma.org

Cannabis is legal in Canada so we are fortunate enough to be able to purchase government inspected  CBD oil and the whoo hoo stuff. 😉 My DH takes CBD oil to help him sleep at night...and it works.

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Are you able to get Dorwest Herbs products in the US ?  I use Valerian compound by them, and also Valerian & Scullcap tablets by them.  There are probably very similar brands in the US and Canada though.  I have a Cairn who is epileptic after having a stroke 4 years ago, she can't have anti-seizure meds because of liver problems (she is 13 this year) so we use CBD and a mixture of the valerian to help her.  Over the years we have learned when a seizure is coming.




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Thanks for that info, Jane2212 - I will check.  The fireworks were out on New Years Eve again, reminding me I have to look into possibilities...

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