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How do they do it? 19.5 pounds of a very determined Cairn has taught me how to react to his commands.  Sam is a sweet kind loveable boy, who is cuddly and probably one of the most affectionate Terriers we have ever had in our home. But there is a dark side....baaahhaaaaaa😈, he has trained me! I swear there is a Rolex watch under that hairy leg as breakfast and dinner must be serviced at the correct times. That whining until you get your toy, or treat or if that doesn’t work a demanding bark makes his humans his slave. No doubt me laughing instead of putting on my big human pants works in his favour. But I do keep on laughing as he brightens each day with his antics, from the pathetic looks he has mastered to perfection to his stares that are hypnotic (you will fold human) to the commanding barks that shatter the quietest of days, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Share how your  Cairn has trained you. Oh and don’t pretend they haven’t ...🤣🐾🐾

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If I ignored Carrington when he wanted attention, or to play, etc., he would plant himself and face me while producing an insistent number of explosive, repetitive sneezes... maybe 3  or 4 in a row, with a strategic pause for emphasis in between. I thought it was peculiar, but it worked every time.

Ruffy, on the other hand (or paw), has recently developed his own technique for getting his way: “ The fist, (or paw) bump." Standing on 3 legs, he keeps thrusting his paw against my leg until I cave in and play 20 questions: “What is it Ruffy”?, “Do you want a treat “...”a walk?”...” to play?”...”to go out”?, etc.🤪

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Yes, they do have their "ways..."

Oban has that rolex too and, because breakfast and dinner always follow walks, is particularly adamant we should get on with it and out the door with him! Barks and whines are his standard, but he will "fetch" us if we ignore him too long. Now he is usually Dog #2 to walk, as Steve takes Angus out first.  When he brings Angus in, I usually play fetch with him until Steve and Oban return and the food bowls come out. Wherever I am in the house, Angus gets his little rubber bone -- the preferred toy -- and brings it to me.  If I am down in the dining room (this room is four steps down from our kitchen and, with windows along 2 entire sides is my preferred place to work on the computer), he will stand at the top of the stairs and THROW his little bone at me. If I continue to ignore him (as I just did minutes ago), he will go make some noisy trouble.  In this case, he took a book off a stack destined for the Little Library across the street, and tossed and shredded it for just a few minutes until I realized he was up to no good and went to check on him. One less book for the library...

Oban also cannot jump onto the bed -- too high for his short little legs.  He stays on the bed most of the night but will drop down to the floor if he gets too hot.  Then, when he wants back up, he comes to my side of the bed and barks -- just once. I wake up, get out of bed, pick him up and snuggle him under the covers, and go back to bed. Sometimes we repeat this several times in one night.  Angus doesn't move -- but will grumble if we jiggle him a little while he is sleeping.  Once he settles in, he never moves all night.

Still, I cannot imagine how I would have gotten through so much social isolation and distancing without these two guys. They have keep me active and entertained for 8 months, and it looks like I will need to count on them for 8 more... they really are best little buddies...


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Oh my goodness I just came upon this topic! I crack up when I take him out after he eats early in the morning about 6 o’clock, me and my bathrobe and slippers hoping no one sees me LOL! Anyways, you know how a snake slithers?? Otis when he does not want to go out that early and all he wants to do is go back to bed, he gets down really low and slithers/slinks away from me because he does not want to go out😂 I’ll bust out laughing every single time. Or he will hide underneath the table and sit there thinking to himself she doesn’t see me LOL! You got to love your Cairn!!

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