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Otis's Mom

Otis’s Mom

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Otis’s Mom

So Mr. Redding went to see his girlfriend yesterday, also known as the groomers-😂All I have to do is say her name and he crocks his head to the side and is raring to go, which means she’s really good with him. 85A2330B-6FAE-4A39-8DAC-1F076AF7D9A8.thumb.jpeg.f44c6c03e82948aa39c31195c42db147.jpegShe hand strips which is great but she clipped the bottom obviously little too short for my taste but she did a really good job as always and it is hot here in Massachusetts. he looks like a little fox, I forget how small they are once they are groomed...

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It's a good sign that he doesn't mind going !  I took mine to a very well known groomer here years ago and they refused to go over the doorstep into her grooming parlour on the second visit.  They actually struggled and fought to get back to the car.  Made me think twice.  I found another place instead and now do them myself too.  He looks lovely by the way and I bet he felt better in the hot weather.


Jane xxxxx

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Sam I Am

I think some dogs are more sensitive to having stripping done than others. Sam’s breeder is a wonderful breeder who shows and does a great job of doing their coats...Sam hates it and it’s very stressful for all, so as I decided not to show him, I do his coat with a mars comb and shears. Nowhere as good as his breeder would do but why in the end does it really matter if he is not looking perfect...not in my mind. His happiness is all I care about.

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Otis’s Mom

I totally agree. Being 70  years old I do not have the energy to do it myself but I do comb him almost every day and brush his teeth daily, I’ve been doing that since he’s been a baby and he tolerates it well. have a good day and God bless!

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