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Feed back on ZOOM ROOM meetings

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Hi all -- we have had three ZOOM ROOM meetings now, each two weeks apart for about an hour. In each we had 4-5 people, and the conversation was delightful.  (As a result, I have gained the courage to buy a Mars Coat King, which will arrive next week. I am going to try to neaten up my pups!)

I wanted to know how you all would like to proceed.  It is easy to set up a meeting once every other week, and we have had both a set of "regulars" and some folks who justed dropped by for a session.

Could you tell me what works best for you?  Here are some options:

(1) Continue the every other Saturday schedule.

(2) Schedule a zoom once or twice a month.

(3) Move the time or date to one that better fits schedules -- remembering we are folks across the entire US and in various time zones.

Please let me know what you want to do. I will schedule a session for a week from tomorrow, but will look at all options after that.

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You all who have not joined us oare missing out!

An opportunity meet and exchange ideas and fun with other Cairn enthusiasts. Sometimes, our fuzzy faced dogkids make appearances.

Join us …

Grooming: hints and tricks, bushy pup need trimming?

Weather reports: we are across the US and Canada, sunshine in California meets snow in Minnesota…

Corvid19: shelter in place = house arrest, pups are depressed… idea for cheering up?

Drama: I missed 2nd Zoom because a mountain lion killed a deer in our yard that am…

Zoom is easy to use…check out YouTube, you can actually try it out on you own computer or iPhone without having to connect to another user. Most challenging is finding your best backdrop!

Give Kathryn your best selections as to time and day.

Be sure to join us on 5/23.



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yes it's fun. Sunday afternoon would be a better time for me than Saturday, but I would like not make it again even on Saturday if at all possible. thanks for hosting this!

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