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I wish I could share in the enjoyment of the funny(?) video, but at the risk of appearing hopelessly out of touch, I don't understand what the key phrase, "plus one" means. Is this a Canadian term? Or regional USA? 

Nothing destroys a good joke like attempting to explain it, but I'll risk asking anyway... Can someone clue me in?


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Ah, just another example of Canadians poking a little fun at themselves--it's nice to see an example of folks enjoying being who they are in the dead of a long, cold winter--except of course for those thousands of Canadians who are in Arizona at the moment!

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I have been in Sri Lanka for a month enjoying the heat and sun (28-32 degrees Celsius, don’t know how to translate any more) - and going home tomorrow to more snow than little old Victoria has seen for years! Schools closed for 2 days, buses not running, etc. I am going to arrive at the airport at midnight with no coat!!! Hope I can get a cab home. But the worst of it is that Gus is staying on Salt Spring Island with my best friend, and I doubt she will be able to bring him over until the weekend. They usually pick me up at the airport. Sob, sob! Miss him so much! But had a fabulous holiday in a beautiful and interesting country.

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Now I get it! Thanks everyone, for clueing me in! I had hesitated to ask, but now I'm glad I did. (I still feel a bit chagrined, by possibly being the only one not in on the joke),  But that aside, I'm smiling as I write this. 

Once again, this site has given me a chuckle, just one of many reasons why I turn to cairn talk so often!😄

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Islander if I lived on Vancouver Island I don't think I would leave for any reason!  What an unworldly and gorgeous place to live!  Victoria is the crown jewel of cities--I remember how clean, friendly, and safe it was to stroll about in, even after dark.  I can't imagine wanting to be anywhere else, snow or no snow.  In any case, welcome back to your little Gus--imagine his excitement.

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