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Help me identify her breed


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 Sorry if I didn’t post this in the right place :( I have a doggy I adopted a month ago.  My cousin picked her up off the side of the road where there was a box puppies .she said that the parents were Yorky and Chihuahua but I’ve had people tell me she’s not a Chihuahua or that is not a Yorky I look it up I think she looks like is this carin breed except She has a floppy ears . Any ideas?!   This girl loves outdoors loves to run around and play and dig she a mini guard dog too lol 



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Welcome to Cairn Talk... Good for you for finding this site!

1,000 thanks to you and your cousin for rescuing this adorable pup! ❤️What did you name her? 

I couldn't begin to guess her breed background, but she definitely has a terrier face!  As you correctly say, her floppy ears suggest something other than a cairn. I assume you've had her to the vet for shots, a checkup, etc. Did the vet have an opinion? Is the texture of her coat soft? If it is harsh, coarse or rough, that would suggest a possible cairn in her history. Of course there are sites online that claim to identify your dog's breed from a DNA swab, but this can be costly and results can vary from one testing lab to another.

Unless, or until you decide otherwise, I would assume she's cairn enough for you to use this site as a valuable resource for all things cairn: care, training, behavior, etc. The info you will find from folks here will go a long way to getting you off to a good start.

Wishing both of you good luck and much happiness ahead...I have a feeling that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! 🙂


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Welcome!  It's great that you adopted this little darling.  I'd say she's definitely a terrier although I'm not sure if any Cairn is involved.  Regardless, this site is a great resource for anyone with a terrier.  

What's her name?

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So sweet and so lucky to find a home with you. I agree there looks like terrier somewhere but further than that it is hard to say.

She looks like she'll be a great buddy for you whatever her background may be.

Good luck with her.

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Guest dog person

I've had a poodle-mix or two and I see poodle, maybe around the eyes?   Maybe some schnauzer?     Shih Tzu?   Lhasa apso?    What does the vet estimate her age to be?    She looks like she may be at least a medium size dog.  Wheaton terrier?

Ask the vet about the Wisdom Dna test, also the vet may be able to give you an educated guess  :-)

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she cerrtainly is adorable. how big is she? what does she look like from the side?

also, how old is she?

also, does she ever sit still (if not, she might be a cairn)

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 SHe’s four months old and I think she actually looks like Irish wolfhound but she small I don’t know what she isOh her name is Ruby short video of her 


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Guest dog person

How much does she weigh at 4 months?   I am trying to remember the general rule of thumb.....1/3 of her prospective adult weight at 4 months, 8 months 2/3rds, 1 year is adult weight.   Although  large breeds continue to fill out up until 2 years.

I found my cairn at 7 to 9 months (not positive) anyway he weighed 15 pounds, now as a 5 year old adult he weighs about 21 pounds.

What did the vet that you took her to for basic checkup tell you?     Please, don't tell me you haven't done so yet  :-/

PS: How about Airedale?    Irish wolfhounds are bigger than that and have long deer like legs.

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