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Ocular Melanosis

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I read Bradl's report about CRCTC clinic for ocular melanosis screening in Oregon. I'm not aware of any such screening being done in my area. Is this something my vet can screen for or does it require some special equipment, lab or diagnostics?

P.S. Just curious... Given the large turnout at the clinic, were any cairns found to have OC? (I hope not)!

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My understanding is that it is somewhat difficult to detect in early stages in a normal screening but opthamologists with experience and specialized education about the disease can do it. Board certified veterinary ophthalmologists are more likely to have that knowledge. The exam does use a couple pieces of portable equipment but I have no idea if general vets have it. I would encourage anyone to have their vet contact Dr Petersen-Jones at Michigan State for recommendations.

The Foundation of the CTCA supports screenings with reimbursements to clubs hosting clinics so I'd also recommend checking with the regional Cairn clubs to see when/if they offer clinics. 

OM has been found at our clinics in the past. For privacy reasons it's up to the owner whether or not to disclose their own results although the dr can and usually does provide a high-level summary of findings. 

Dry eye and other conditions are also found. Progression of age related cataracts are mapped (we always bring previous exam maps to compare) and the dr can also for example provide insight as to whether developing cataracts are age related or if they may have a genetic basis. 

Dundee at 8 is aces 🕶 while Stella at 13 should not be allowed to drive :P due to diminished vision and age-related cataracts.

Here's Dr Scherlie pretending to look at our beloved Haggis. The photo was for promotional purposes as the real exam is done in pitch dark with the dog's eyes dilated. 😎


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added Haggis :)

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