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I definitely need advice

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Ha Ha Diane. Forgot to mention what great climbers cairn terriers are! Think BIG DOG  when you go to get an xpen for that tiny pup you just brought home! We also crated if going out for a short while where we couldn't take a dog.

Angus gave me the hardest time of any pup we ever had but he also grew into a fantastic buddy. 

I don't think you can't really boss a cairn but over several years you can become great partners and friends who understand each other very well. 

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I agree with all this good advice -- particularly getting rid of the puppy pads.  I have never used them, but friends have. They seem to confuse the dog about where the action should be happening.

Also, we have learned to watch and listen carefully to our puppies, because as you are training they do give indications they want to "go out." We often keep our dogs gated in the kitchen/den area, so they don't have access to an outer door.  Our older dog, Oban -- who is rock-solid house broken --goes to the gate and barks his little head off. Our younger dog eventually learned to "speak up" too, though his announcement is a much quieter little whine at the gate. Hubby, who has some hearing problems, doesn't always hear him, but I do.  We reward them for telling us they need to go out as well as rewarding them for actually using the great outdoors. 

Also, when we train the puppies, potty breaks are just for business - not walks. If the dog doesn't do his business in a few minutes, back in the house he comes. They get a couple walks a day too, but we didn't want them "holding out" so they could go off and sniff through the neighborhood. Also, we live in Minnesota and in the winter sometimes we just don't want to hang around outside with a dawdling dog...

They do "get it" eventually.  Cairns are terribly stubborn, but also wonderfully food-motivated. 

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Pepper Bug's Mom

Pepper, who turns 9 on Monday, May 18, always lets us know if she needs to go out or come in!! Brodie, who turned 3 on May 5, doesn't make a squeak, whine, or anything!  Sometimes he prances around and we catch him but he is not to be trusted!  We try to keep everyone in the kitchen / family room area so we can keep an eye on him.  He is such a love bug though and a great watchdog (his nickname is General Patton).  He will NEVER run away either but his prey drive is limited to squirrels and sometimes a bird.  Pepper is known as Zena Warrior Princess and is fearless and high prey drive and an escape artist.  She has slowed down somewhat in the escape artist due to many fences and gates surrounding our house and entry way.  Anyhow, back to the housetraining, I think Brodie just gets too distracted and waits until the last minute to "sort of" let us know.  We usually always send him out every 3 hours or so to be on top of it.

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