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The Chase is On.

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I am happy to report no accidents. She is going outside but there is an ongoing issue that continues to get worse. I know it is normal but incredibly frustrating. She is just over 6 mo. When she is let out of her playpen to go outside, she refuses to come inside. We have a fenced backyard. However, I do not like to leave her unintended for a number of reasons. My husband gets tired of waiting and actually came inside today. I DO NOT WANT THIS. We have been known to have a stray coyote and plus, she seems to eat everything she can outside. When I do get her inside, there is a chase all over the house to catch her. It may be cute but for folks who are trying to get to work, it is not. Today, I was near at my wit's end. Also, the last two days, she is acting weird about her food. All other movements are normal and she acts well. When I put down her food in the morning, she acts strange and does not eat. Currently, I am feeding her 3 x a day, one cup of dry food, Nutri life Gold Plus All Stages. The breeder recommended and I have not switched her to date. Any suggestions. I worry about everything and now, it is really starting to get to me. This morning, she actually vomited a white, tinged yellow foamy vomit. I fear she may be picking things up outside. I'm sorry if I am all over the place. I do recall my other little Cairn pup was a handful; maybe, I'm just getting older. Thank you.

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Since she is well supervised, you can try letting her drag a leash around when she comes and goes. Being able to step on a leash as she goes racing by makes catching a wild puppy much easier. You have six feet of opportunity instead of 16 inches of turbocharged furball.

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We have no fences where I live and many wild animals including coyote, fox and bear. When outside in the yard Angus from first puppy days always on a line (6ft 10ft 20 ft or longer - whatever seemed best for the occasion) and always supervised. If I was working in the yard I sometimes tied a long line to a tree or a swivel stake nearby. He had some space and I could get on with my work with him nearby.

When he was a youngster and racing around inside I let a leash trail like Brad says. At times when he was small I actually tied him to me. Chasing a cairn is a losing game I found out - no matter your age and health and I am old and stiff! As the years went by I did get him to come when called - most of the time - especially  for a treat.

I can't speak about food as have not had problems with Angus. By 6 months I was feeding him twice a day. He always wolfed everything down. I had  another dog once who sometimes didn't eat. I left the food out for about ten minutes and then took it up. Gave nothing till next feeding time. That solved the problem for me with that dog.

I think most pups are  handful and cairns especially because they are so smart and playful. It was a sharp reminder to me when I got Angus as I hadn't had a young pup of any breed for a while. He put me on my toes and sharpened my wits! I learned patience, and persistence. I also just could not help laughing at some of his antics. Gotta smile when a cairn's around.


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We trained Sam and Rosie to come to the sound of the clicker. When they hear the click, they come right away and always get a treat. Works like a charm

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Bradl, Hillscreek and Terrier lover - Thank you! Your ideas are great and made me feel less frustrated today. I'm just feeling really hyped up. I worry about everything and especially, her not eating. I was feeding her 3 x a day but the last few days, as I stated, she isn't interested; however, sadly, she has developed a new interest in grabbing poo outside (I know this is normal but purposely try to pick-up after each elimination because our prior little girl was a poo lover). The all stages food that she eats is formulated for "active dogs" - had I not just purchased a 15 lb. bag, I planned to switch her over to Merrick dry duck and sweet potato. She has eaten little today. However, I plan to take it up this afternoon if she refuses to eat. I will feed her again at dinner. Then, from here on, no more lunch meals (2 x day).

I love the leash idea. Good idea. This will help a lot; particular, my chasing all over when I am trying to get to work and maybe, even, prevent a divorce at this point (chuckle).  My husband reminded me that Trinity (my beloved girl in the profile pic) was the same almost 14 years ago.

This little pup will be spayed on Tuesday. Should I anticipate any changes? I'm already a nervous wreck about the surgery. I've been through too much loss this year and worry so much about this little pup.

Again, I most appreciate your comments - as always a wealth of information. Blessings. <3



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8 hours ago, gd4 said:

This morning, she actually vomited a white, tinged yellow foamy vomit. I fear she may be picking things up outside. 

I've known other dogs who have done this. Their vets described the yellowish-white foam as stomach bile, which comes up if they haven't eaten and their stomachs are empty and there is nothing to regurgitate. The advice was to try to get them to eat and not to skip meals. It's alarming to see, but as far as I know, not harmful, although you can confirm this with your own vet, for peace of mind.

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JoJo - She is adorable! And, she is very spunky!

Thank you, sanford! I appreciate this info. It agrees with what I thought. I did a little research and also read the same. Later, she ate her evening meal with gusto!

The dragging leash is working. She is going potty outside and I don't have to chase her. Things are much better.




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