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Keeshond Obedience Brace

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I had to share this video of two lovely Keeshonden doing brace obedience for the first time. Their owner decided to enter them in brace class more or less as a lark, and oh my were they fantastic. The judge said it was the best brace she personally had ever judged. 


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Cute dogs.....I had 3 of them over my lifetime- really loved them - sweet personalities. They are a bit easier to train than a cairn.....

I can’t imagine life without a cairn even if they are harder to train, they are a big dog in a small body who are fun and more kid like.

 Keeshonds just want to be with you and are definitely a bit more serious, but kind. Most people always thought they were huskies.

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You described my limited observed experience of the Kees perfectly. When Stella was working on Open and starting Utility we trained at the same class as the owner. Super nice gal who's supported our Cairn club at all of our obedience show-n-go matches. I enjoy doing "stand for exam" with her dogs … their coats are so big and fluffy compared to our harsh Cairns! I couldn't manage coat care on a Kees but the owner runs a dog wash so hers are always nicely groomed.

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OMG. I could not get that kind of performance from one dog (those figure eights would have done Oban in -- he would have had to say hello...).  Have you ever seen a brace of cairns, Brad? Have any videos?

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10 hours ago, JoJo said:

Wow!  Is there anything cuter than those two cairns? 

No, I completely agree .........oh yea, but we are on a cairn terrier fan club forum, we all feel the same way when we see them.

Having had 3 keeshonds though, I still have an affinity for them , they’re special in their own way.

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Phinney’s breeder kept his brother and sister and they’re doing well showing in conformation.  She’s starting to work with them as a brace and her reports are comical!  

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