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I was doing some database work on something unrelated and noticed that over the years I have been lax about enforcing one of the site's longstanding guidelines: display names cannot be advertising.

This affects very few accounts and in every case I think the selection of a noncompliant "display name" is innocent or in some cases occurred even before there was such a rule. 

I do want to be as consistent as I can going forward and clean up the past accidental noncompliances. For that reason I will open a 30-day window for any noncompliant members who still visit the forum to make the necessary adjustments in their Account Settings → Display Name

Once 30 days have passed I will manually adjust any remaining noncompliant display names. In most case it's a trivial change.

I emphasize: no one is in trouble, this is not a  big deal, it's primarily a housekeeping exercise to get the member-list ship-shape.

The relevant portion of the guidelines:


A note about Display Names

Your forum Display Name should represent an individual or noncommercial entity and may be considered advertising if it appears to represent an enterprise with any commercial, breeding, or placement aspect.

In almost all cases your kennel affix is permitted — however please omit "Cairns" or similar to prevent your display name from appearing to be an advertisement.


  • McFake Cairns = advertising;  not allowed
    McFake = OK!
    McFake's Shazam = OK!
  • Crofter Tractors = advertising; not allowed
    Crofter = OK!
    Tractor Gal = OK!
  • Uncle Sam Tax Services / Uncle Sam Tax = advertising; not allowed
    Uncle = OK!
    Uncle Sam = OK!
    Taxman = OK!

Names that include the word Cairn or Cairns can be perfectly OK so long as they do not appear to represent a kennel or organization. Coo-Coo for Cairns or Cairn Fan or Cairn Grandpa might be examples of perfectly fine display names that use the word Cairn.

If your display name is noncompliant and you have any difficulty changing it, please ask an administrator to make the change for you.



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