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Wish I could take Bravecto like Angus


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The deer tick population round here is the highest it has been in years, due the last three warmer winters. Angus has his Bravecto year round now and is fully protected.

Me not so much. What was that itching under my chin? Thought a mosquito bite and really tried to leave it alone. But for a couple of days it bothered me. It was a difficult location to see but eventually I got a mirror and saw a black spot. Went to doc and sure enough it was a tick buried in there. Amazingly it had not bitten me. It was tangled up in the tissue of that jowly flesh many of us old ladies have. Doc laid me on my back, bent over and twisted it off. She said folks are coming into the surgery every day and sometimes more than just one person.

She gave me an instrument to twist a tick off which was very similar to a doggy one I have. She put me on Doxy for ten days - just like Angus had. She said it was just an extra precaution as the tick was not engorged and appeared not to have bitten me. 

Where was the human Bravecto I wondered? Nothing for humans only for dogs.

So to all of you in deer country. When out on a walk or hike wear long sleeves, long pants, a hat and spray your clothing with insect repellent. Check yourself each day when you come back inside. Those little  b****rs are very small and hard to see. If you deal with the tick right away no problem if not and  Lyme disease takes hold it can be very debilitating.

Take care.



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Ok I am so itching myself now!  Glad you went to clinic. Anything that buries itself in skin in my books could be a Hitchcock film.:cry:

Until one has loved an animal, a part of  one's soul remains unawakened.  - Anatole France

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Had several ticks on me this year.  Elsie, Demps and Kitty seem to be weathering ticks season well.

Edited by Dempsy's Mom

Elsie, Max, Meeko & Lori


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I've had a couple, they're sneaky little pests.  Kirby has had two, I think, and amazingly, Phinney has never had one yet.  We used Soresto collars last year but I switched back to Frontline Plus this year.  I didn't see any difference last year and since the collars bugged me and got in the way, I went back to Frontline.

I should get out my Vanilla Bug Spray and use it more often when I'm out and about, but always forget it.  Too bad my Fitbit doesn't have something in it like a Soresto collar!

Jandy and my Cairns, Kirby & Phinney 
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16 hours ago, Hillscreek said:

Where was the human Bravecto I wondered? Nothing for humans only for dogs

Actually, modern science has given us a human vaccine against Lyme disease... Here are some (edited) quotes from an online article:

“We know scientifically how to develop a vaccine that would protect against all this human misery, and yet, for societal and cultural reasons, not scientific reasons, that will not be done in the foreseeable future in the U.S.”

"Introduced in 1998, the vaccine sold well at first. But then opponents spoke out: self-described ‘vaccine victims’ said that the Lyme vaccine gave them arthritis and this got into popular lore and on the Internet. A number of lawyers started putting together class-action lawsuits. Anti-vaccine advocacy groups formed and there were threats against the scientists who had worked on the vaccine. Sales of the vaccine plummeted. Four years after offering people immunity against Lyme, SmithKline Beecham stopped making the vaccine. The second vaccine-maker, Pasteur Mérieux Connaught, saw what had happened and never put out its own product".


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My goodness sanford I didn't know this. People get so hyped up. It was the same when Bravecto was introduced for dogs. Posts on FB that dogs sickened and even died after eating the pill. It is certainly true that it needs to be given with a dog's meal to avoid upsets but .........B). I know two or three people ill with Lyme Disease because they didn't spot the tiny tick on them before the damage was done. They are very sick and find it hard to continue daily life.

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Elsa for what felt like FOREVER had to be on the topical, revolution, and she has to have baths ALL the time. I am so glad that both Rylee and Elsa are on Trifexis!:lol::D

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