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Angus saw a meal. I saw accident snatch a life.


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There was big thump on the window pane in the next room. Angus barked and ran to check. Came to meet me and tell me about it. I looked and saw a ruffed grouse on the grass. He must had seen a reflection in the window and flown up to challenge it. Ruffed grouse are very territorial. He hit the window. He broke his neck. I grieved as I went to check him and then remove his body down to the woods. A fox would eat him later.

Angus wanted him for supper now of course. Very cross I took him away. He sniffed and sniffed the spot afterwards.

The grouse was beautiful in his spring costume with the rich brown and tan and orange, with his perfect black ruff that he can raise round his head and his head feathers he can also raise up and his colorful tail which he can spread wide to impress the ladies. He often sits on a log like in the pic and beats his wings hard. They make a drumming sound proclaiming the area is his property.

Did not want to post his death picture here to sadden people so here's a picture of our PA State bird alive - the ruffed grouse. Our bird may have passed but his spirit will continue and more will be born this spring to continue his heritage as one of the birds native to the US.



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What a shame. Lovely looking bird. Angus no doubt would have had a go at it if you hadn't removed it.

I felt really bad last week while driving back from the barn, I saw  Canada goose on the freeway with an obvious broken neck. I suspect she flew to low over the freeway while trying to land in a pond and was hit by a truck.What made me so sad is that they mate for life, and I thought there was probably a mate waiting for her/him.:cry:

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Until one has loved an animal, a part of  one's soul remains unawakened.  - Anatole France

Adventures with Sam &Rosie


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I bet Angus was cross you took away a good snack. Too bad for that bird. In Chicago birds will fly into the windows of downtown skyscrapers and end up with the same fate.

Terrier lover that is interesting about the Canada Goose. Too bad for that Goose too.


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Thank you, Hillscreek, for that beautifully sensitive tribute.

Friends of mine in the suburbs have put small, decorative decals on their windows to deter birds from colliding with them.

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