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Meet Moxie!

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Welcome to a great forum! She is adorable. :wub: I also like the set up you have with her pen and crate and bed. Perfect.

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Until one has loved an animal, a part of  one's soul remains unawakened.  - Anatole France

Adventures with Sam &Rosie


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I agree with Terrier Lover, admiring the set-up you provided for Moxie. The pic of your little girl and Moxie is so precious... something you'll treasure over the years.Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to reading about Moxie and your daughter as they grow up together in years to come!


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Hello Moxie and family. Welcome. This is a wonderful forum - so helpful and supportive. For sure Moxie is ready to go as she shows in that first photo. Love her setup. Quite a few puppies joined us this year so I'm sure there'll be others sharing their experiences.


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What a little darling.  Welcome to the forum. Cairns know how to work that tail. When Moxie starts doing zoomies you will see how well they work those little legs. Have fun.

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Moxie! That's one of the best and most appropriate Cairn names I've ever heard! Welcome to the forum! Excited to hear about the little one's adventures.

My Cairn's first bath involved her making sounds like I was amputating her feet one-by-one with butter knives. They seem to either love water or hate it with a passion. 

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"as far as i am concerned cairns are the original spirit from which all terriers spring, and all terriers are cairns very deep down inside." pkcrossley

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Welcome to Moxie and to you. :)  She is gorgeous, and who wouldn't love that bed?  It looks so comfy and plush. Love her little sweater, too. :D  I'm sure you'll have plenty of adventure with her!

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Love all the puppies!  She's very cute; sure she will be ripping that sweater off herself shortly and be in all kinds of trouble.  Welcome!


Linda & Pegi

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