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Happy surprise first.

Big surprises, little surprises that's what farm life is - full of surprises.  Yesterday morning we were out for our walks and Demps and Elsie found a baby rabbit.  I thought for sure the little baby rabbit met its doom, but by the time I got to the end of the shelterbelt I found Demps and Elsie surrounding an old radiator in the weeds.  At first I thought the little bunny got underneath it, but then I looked closer and I could see his little nose peaking out of the old cap opening.  He would scramble back in and then peak out when he thought it was safe.  Poor little guy was scared to death.  I gathered Demps and Elsie and we left the little bunny be .... for Easter anyway, he is safe.

Today  Dempsy and Elsie were snooping through the weeds and I went over to an old grain drill.  The lid on one side was open so I curiously opened the other lid and SURPRISE!  Two little coons were huddled in there.  I slammed the lid shut, not wanting them to get out while Demps and Elsie were about.  Without telling them what I found, I took Demps and Els back to the house.  I went back to the old drill thinking I was going to let them out.  I grabbed an old tree limb, opened the lid and discovered that they were not babies - they were quite large coons.  Two of them.  I gently rubbed their backs with the old branch ... not very responsive.  They were not eager to get out - who knows how long the poor things had been in there.  After contemplating, I left the door open - thinking if they crawled out by the time I got back good for them, but if not I had better shoot them and put them out of their misery.   It would be a lot safer for Demps and Els too.  Back at the house:  Dempsy and Elsie looked at me with wide eyes when I got the gun out and were quite happy to stay inside.  "That's ok mom.  We will sit this trip out." They were so cute - funny how dogs know what a gun is.  The coons were still there and I think they are relieved now. 

Animals help us celebrate life in so many different ways.   

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Elsie, Max, Meeko & Lori


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Spring...birth and death. All in a day's work when farming. Glad the fur balls didn't tangle with the raccoons. I get so upset when the people in our area decide that the baby bunnies have been deserted, pick them up and either put them down (the mum then won't go to them) or take them to the humane society. :(


Until one has loved an animal, a part of  one's soul remains unawakened.  - Anatole France

Adventures with Sam &Rosie


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No, I don't touch a baby bunny.  Mom's won't take them back and even if you try to save them they won't make it.  Their little systems just shut down in captivity.  That's been my experience anyway.

Elsie, Max, Meeko & Lori


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The critters are all out around here too.  Buffy and Ziggy go crazy when they see a rabbit on our morning walk.  They have better eyesight than I do.  It's still dark outside when we walk but the dogs can spot a bunny from half a block away.  I feel safe knowing I won't be attacked by a horde of rabbits.:D  

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I was feeding goats a few weeks ago and heard a strange noise coming from our herd sire.  I got closer thinking his mouth hurt while he was eating.  He's a bit shy and moved sideways and out from under his hoof scooted a baby bunny.  Then out came two more!!!  They were right where the boys nap during the day.  Off they went!


PS:bunnies are actually one baby that's okay to touch.  Their Maa's birth them in shallow pits and watch from a distance.  They visit to nurse them then leave again.  No odor, no prey!

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