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Sleeping Positions


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content_table.jpg.512e94c081cb5c0a5c6bb4A light article on canine sleeping positions. I think there could probably be an encyclopedia of them, but this covers a few of the basics :P

"In a given day, dogs log between 12 and 18 hours of shuteye. Our furry best friends can scatter their rest throughout the day because, unlike humans, they’re not beholden to strict sleep patterns. Instead, they have a two-phase sleep cycle consisting only of slow-wave (or deep) sleep and REM sleep. And, not only are pups able to pass out on command; they do it with their limbs and torsos scrunched and twisted into the oddest, and most adorable, of configurations."  — What Does Your Dog's Sleeping Position Mean?

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Or the twister: head tilted backwards, shoulder on the floor, back on the floor, splay legged with feet braced on nearby furniture. Lol

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Lola usually sleeps on her back with all four legs in the air, but also sometimes sleeps like Flatpic's dog above. I wonder how she doesn't get neck ache!

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Moogie's favorite position to sleep and her favorite place to sleep-_-


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