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Times you wish you had a camera

Autumn & Lola

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I imagine there have been many times in our lives when our dogs have done something utterly adorable or amazing - and we wish we had a camera in our hands at that moment. It may be to prove that our little muffin was capable of such cleverness, or that the moment was so adorable we wish we could look at it again.

I'll start with a few moments I wish I could have captured over the years.

1. When Lola grabbed my wig when it fell off my dressing table, thinking it was a wild animal and ran down the steps with it and out the back door. She ran around the back yard with it, with me in hot pursuit. Although there was *time* to grab the camera, it was the last thing on my mind. I thought for sure it would be destroyed, but I got lucky with just one small hole, which I mended.

2. We had friends over and Lola decided to be her most adorable. She sat on the couch with them while they fussed over her. One of them, who hadn't seen her in a long time, said, 'You're a big girl, now!' Lola stood up on her hind legs at that moment, stretching herself to her 'tallest'. We all cracked up.

3. The doorbell rang. As Nick got up to answer the door, I said to Lola, 'Who's at the door? Is it the police, coming to arrest you because you're much too cute?'  She put her paws straight up in the air!  :D

4. About a week or so ago, it was very cold early in the morning. Lola quickly did her morning wee, ran inside to the living room and in one, fluid motion, jumped up on the couch, grabbed the throw draped over the back of it, pulled it down and covered herself perfectly.   It was so cute!

We've tried to replicate #2 & 3, but I'm sure she'll never do it again. :crybaby: So what are your 'wish I had a camera!' moments?






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When we first adopted Ziggy, he obviously hadn't had a lot of experience with walking on a leash - pulled incessantly, constantly went off to the right or left to check out a scent, and became enamored of every new scent he smelled.  One day I was walking him and Buffy before work and I was in a hurry.  Ziggy stopped to sniff something - must have been the Sniff of the Century - and simply wouldn't budge.  Buffy walked over to him, gave him a "Ruff!", grabbed his leash in her mouth and led him away.   

There was also the time a rabbit came charging through the yard (not realizing two terriers were in residence) and went flying over Buffy's head before she could react.  Her look afterwards was priceless.:lol:


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Many times I wished I had a camera attached to my head! Our first Scotty called Sandy, caught a small bird in her mouth, gently holding onto it, while running around the yard with my DH frantically running behind her, yelling drop it, drop it. She did eventually with the the bird flying safely away.

i went to visit a friend with baby Jock in tow. Upon entering the house he was so excited to see my friend, but he then spotted her husband and proceded to bark and growl because he thought we gals needed to be protected! At the time he was only about four to five months old.  I never did like my friends husband!

Also I wish I had taken a video of when we drove 12 hrs with Jock to go and pick up baby Rosie. The drive back with 8 week old Rosie, howling all the way home, while Jock lay beside her crate giving her the worst stink eye ever. It was priceless.  And that's why we have these fur balls, because they make our lives richer, more fun and can't ever imagine not having those happy faces greet us every morning.:wub::wub:

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Until one has loved an animal, a part of  one's soul remains unawakened.  - Anatole France

Adventures with Sam &Rosie


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Love all the stories.  Lola reminds me of my parents' Westie (they had him before they had me so I got to grow up with a terrier. :) ) Timmy was nicknamed Timmy Toes because he liked to sit up to beg and he showed his toes.  Nikki says "forget that. I'll sit up for a treat but my long back needs protecting, so I ain't staying up, Mom."


1. Puppy Nikki tried to jump on my bed, missed, and disappeared. I heard the plastic liner in my waste basket (which is literally a basket) rattle. I heard a tiny huffy whimper, leaned over to see what he was doing, and found myself nose to nose with a very embarrassed puppy standing on his hind legs inside the waste basket. He was about the length of a loaf of bread then. Now his tuckus would not fit in the basket, let alone the whole dog. Lol.


2. Year old Nikki was always doing the opposite of what we told him and one of his bad vices was leaping out the car door when we opened it. We had tried crating him in the car but he always ended up panting like a steam engine, so we kept his leash buckled to a seat belt to prevent him from running off. Usually we were able to shut the door in time to keep him from getting out but one time, Mom dropped me off at college and got out to give me a hug.  Nikki flew at the door as she was standing up so by the time she got out and shut the door, he was right there. I screamed, fully expecting  to hear a pained Yelp.  There was no way Nikki could have avoided getting his neck, ribs, or tail slammed in the door.  Silence met me instead.  Mom turned around to see what the fuss was about and startled giggling.  Nikki was hanging safely from his harness with just four inches of space between his shoulders and the car door. How on earth he got his whole body out before the door caught him, I don't know. He was completely suspended in the air with the funniest "oh shoot! I'm in trouble" hangdog expression on his face.  I spent the next fifteen minutes trying to free him from his harness and get the car door to open and ended up late for class. Nothing was damaged thankfully. I've been giving him chest, armpit, shoulder, and back massages since then and he hasn't minded one bit. Lol. He also learned a healthy respect for doors and safe following distances.  


3. The first time he played with my baby cousin, four years ago. His face was beautiful. So perky, happy, and curious. He was wonderful with her, gently batting and mouthing at his toy without putting any pressure on her hand. He was so careful not to scratch or nip her. I was so proud of my smart, conscientious boy!  


4. The first Christmas that he got his own stocking full of toys to unwrap and toys under the tree.  He'd never been allowed to touch the presents under the tree thanks to his persistent marking. When he was finally trustworthy, we gave him lots of goodies. He was so happy and excited when he realized he had a present he could get into. I wish I had gotten the camera out to record him. Pure joy is so beautiful, regardless of species, and Nikki has gotten presents and a stocking full every year since then. :)


5. This one is a little gross, but I would have liked to preserve his expression after he discovered toads are not good to lick.  Yuck! Lol.


6. The time he trotted out of the room with his nose pointed straight up in the air, blaming flatulence on something in a different room. He was off to investigate, by Jove, and we were in stitches. 


And 7.  The big stink eye Nikki gave me for disturbing his beauty rest. On my bed. Ingrate.  Lol 

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That's pretty funny Brad. I had a jrt once who was very macho, macho man from the day we got him at five weeks (too young but owner wanted rid of him) till the day he passed away just short of fifteen years. When he was learning to lift his leg, he staggered and staggered and hopped and bounced and tilted but never actually fell though I thought he might several times!

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