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The bed tried to eat Lola

Autumn & Lola

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Never a dull moment!

I was in the shower and hubs was in his office. He heard a whimpering sound. He got up and looked around - no Lola. He thought he was hearing things. Sat back down again and heard it again. He got up, checked the other bathroom, my office - nothing.  Had I put her outside without him knowing? He went downstairs - no Lola. Finally came upstairs again, calling her name and she started scratching and barking.  He found her wedged tightly between our bed and the wall/radiator.

She always stands on our bed and stretches her body to rest her front paws on our window sill. It is one of her favorite 'lookout' points.  She'll spy someone daring to walk past our house, jump off the bed and run up and down the stairs barking, in an attempt to alert the residents of the impending danger to our fortress. Never has she fallen off the bed in five years, let alone get wedged so tightly!  Hubs was afraid she'd burn herself on the radiator.  He had to move the very heavy bed just to reach her and of course she was kicking and whining the whole time he was trying to unwedge her legs and get her out of there.  He was so worried she'd touch the radiator, which was red-hot.

She emerged completely unscathed. I did see her shoot a look of disgust at the bed later on.  'Mummy - your bed tried to EAT me!' :)



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Please don't tell Lola but I laughed hysterically at this story.  :lol:  I know . . . I know . . . it could have ended with Lola being hurt and I should be ashamed of myself.  Give the poor little girl an extra treat and apologize for your vicious, dog-eating bed!

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Well in the past week, aside from the day of the incident, she resumed her post on the bed as if nothing happened.

What happens next week when our new bed is delivered?  Maybe I can get the men to set it up a little closer to the windowsill for the lil' darling.  Lola doesn't want any more 'wedgies'. :D


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