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Christmas Greetings

Sam I Am

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Merry Christmas from Nikki and me, too!

By the way, do any of you decorate at eye level for your dogs?  Nikki loves checking to see what we put out for him to look at.  Every day he makes his rounds through the kitchen and he usually pauses by the pie safe to check out the seasonal decorations Mom and I put out next to it.  He usually just sniffs everything.  Sometimes he gently nudges things with his nose. Sometimes he gives a little tiny kiss to see what the doll, snowman, crock, candle, etc tastes like. Then he usually moseys on to his rug to lay down.  

Today, he laid down next to my Breyer model horse and sleigh on the floor and gently rang the harness bells. Then he licked the pony's nose and looked up at me.  He stood perfectly still until I met eyes with him and then he wagged.  What a cutie pie!  Years ago I would not have trusted him with anything. Nothing safe from his jaws or, ahem, wizzer.  Not even table legs or cooking books on a shelf. Now he just calmly checks things out and moves along without harming or marking anything.  Except for the toenail stamp on the present this year.  XD What a difference maturity makes on a cairn! He makes Christmas extra fun since he loves opening his presents and helping us open ours and he loves looking at decorations. 

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Merry Christmas to all my dear friends here on Cairn Talk!

I fully intended to take a cute picture of Buffy and Ziggy to go along with my Christmas greeting but time got away from me.  Christmas Eve dinner is in the oven, gifts are wrapped and ready and all is well.  Buffy is snoring in my recliner; Ziggy is snoring by DH's feet.  Hope your holidays are as happy and peaceful as it is in our house right now.-_-

Hugs to all of you,



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Merry Christmas to everyone. I am afraid I've had no time to take pictures either. I pray that each one of you has a Christmas filled with many blessings.


Love the puzzle Brad! Thank you, I can't wait until I have time to sit and work it.

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