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Ruffy drying off in his new bathrobe


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A while ago, I wrote that Ruffy always seems to remain damp no matter how hard I try to dry him off when we come in from the rain. Well, here is, looking adorable in his new robe.

(Spoiler Alert: The robe hasn't stopped Ruffy from from rubbing himself back and forth along the sofa a zillion times, trying to dry himself off his way!)

FullSizeRender copy.jpg


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How adorable!!! I want him and his bath robe :wub: oh and also your rug!



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I think Ruffy's robe is fun, practical and adorable. Angus thinks it is sissy for a cairn to wear anything other than the two coats nature provides:lol:

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5 hours ago, Kathryn said:

Okay, I MUST know where you got it...

Thanks, Kathryn, here is the info:

I ordered the robe online from Amazon.com. The manufacturer is Zack & Zoey (Blue Prince Royalty Robe Soft Terry Bathrobe for Dogs). $6.99, free shipping.

The terry cloth is good...fairly thick. It comes with an appliqué of a crown of on the back and the word " Prince" stitched on. I would have preferred a plain robe, but considering the low price, that's a very minor quibble... It does look cute and I like it a lot.

According to the sizing guidelines on the site, I ordered the robe in medium. At 20 lbs, Ruffy is on the large size for a cairn and although the robe fits well on the length, it is a bit snug around his waist, but I do think medium would be fine for most cairns in the 15 - 17 lb. range.

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Oh my he is the cutest little thing and that bathrobe is adorable.  Maisie says she wants one, she does the same thing, always rubbing up against the couch trying to dry herself off.  She says that if I get her a bathrobe like Ruffy's that she'll be able to do more things rather than spending so  much time trying to dry herself off.

I wonder if I should get a large for her.  She's around 20lbs now  too and she's big around the middle.  The winter jacket that I got her last year won't come together around her middle...she's getting puggy..:o   She seems to be too big for a small/medium but too small for a large.


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