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help- is this a cairn?


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I am supposed to adopt a cairn in two weeks, i was just sent this picture-- does this look like a baby cairn? I believe he is about 6 weeks now, the hair looks much shorter than I expected-- will you please look and tell me if you think he will grow up in to a cairn? http://imgur.com/1EP2X3y

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@gone to the dogs @kjwarnold i was thinking maybe chihuahua too--- do you think that the fur will get the lovely Cairn length/scruffiness? Or do you think he will stay short? I have been looking up Cairns when they are weeks old and I can't tell if they already have long hair, or if there is chance that they can start with short hair like this and grow the scruff as they get older

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The ear shape, earset, eyes, muzzle, coloring … all suggest something different to me. If there is Cairn in there, they've wandered rather far afield of the breed standard. 

Important: that does not mean it's not potentially a perfectly wonderful dog, whatever it is.  One of my Cairns would be laughed out of any show ring but you couldn't take her from me at any price.

However you're not wrong that many Cairns as wee pups do have slick, short coats. As they reach 10-12 weeks or so the coat is liable to be longer, fluffier and somewhat wispy; once that puppy coat is yanked out, a new harsher coat can come in. It takes months for a full harsh coat to develop.

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As you can see from the pix that Bradl submitted, the pup you wrote about looks quite different. If your heart is set on "cairnish" looks, better to step back, take a deep breath and continue your search.

That said, the little pup in your photo has the sweetest, most adorable little puppy face! If you decide on him, I can predict, you'll fall hopelessly in love.

Wishing you much happiness whatever your choice... Keep in touch and let us know what you decide.


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