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Malcolm stole my dinner

Malcolm's Dad

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Chicken breasts were on sale today so I got some. Nice giant ones. Cut one into strips, breaded and fried them. Very nice dinner. I finished one then needed some more barbeque sauce for the other. I got up to go to the fridge. Malcolm can be  a stealth thief. I didn't hear a thing. When I got back to the table the other strip was missing! I looked under the table and there was that little brat munching away. Oh well, have to start over and fry another one.

Malcolm gets dog food and sometimes real food for treats. I hope he doesn't get sick. I'll be watching him tonight.


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Yes he must have hopped in the chair and then down in an instant so quiet and fast I never noticed it. Cairns are fast dogs whether chasing prey or food on the table :P

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ha, been there done that. we were so worried about them being natural killers we forgot they are brilliant natural thieves. some day you'll figure out how malcolm got you to get up and go to the fridge.

i'd be surprised if there is anything toxic in barbecue sauce but he might have some tummy upset. probably not close enough in time for him to learn a lesson!

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I swear they can read our minds...no doubt Malcolm knew you were heading for the BBQ sauce, and made his very smart and stealthy move. Ha ha ...fooled an upright yet again. Tee hee

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I feel your pain on this one! I have learned if I need something else the plate goes with me, my kids however haven't. lol  I have to say it is very funny how quick and quiet these little dogs.

I hope it didn't make him sick.

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