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Oban seems to have discovered his "inner cairn"


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Oban turned two in March and almost overnight became a new dog.  Suddenly he is charging dogs along the fenceline, using his worst shrill bark, anad watching out the front window to scare away any dogs that want to walk by our house.  He used to be so much more mellow, and even quite cuddly.


Our other cairns started out this way, so I thought I was going to avoid this behavior with Oban.  We live in a city neighborhood, and our houses are quite close together.  I always worry when he goes into a barking spell that he will upset the neighbors.


Yesterday it was nearly 80 here, and the doors were open.  He made great advantage, searching from all windows and doors to make sure no one was coming near his property.


Darn - I really thought he was going to stay a quiet cairn.  No such thing, I guess.   :confused:

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A quiet cairn? Whoever heard of such a thing.

Warmer weather here finally and my neighbor mentioned that he heard Angus making statements about crows, cats and other stuff. Angus likes to be out on the deck where he can survey the local critturs and warn off those who shouldn't be near. 

Oban now you are two it is time to do your cairnly duty  :lol:

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classic terrier development, but it won't go on forever. he is different from the way he was last year, and he will be different again next year. we have lots of threads about this stage a difficult one. i think the take-away message is: hold the line. insist on manners and to the extent you can keep oban responsible for his own behavior. if you keep him inside the lines at this most difficult time, the rest of his life will be a breeze. at the same time, remember that he is just overcome with exuberance at being grown up, and strong, and energetic, and ambitious. he does't mean to be a trial, he is just bursting with life. keep things on a steady keel, and you'll get through it. if you need new strategies to deal with escalated energies and assertiveness and testing testing testing to see what he can get away with, check the threads. i recommend getting a pair of wood-stove mits, a harness with a very short leash, and perhaps a small spray bottle with filtered water. just saying. 

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This too shall pass!  You will need to summon as much patience and determination as you can muster, but you will get through it.  Once Oban realizes things are better when he marches to your tune he will settle down.  Good luck!

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Pepper is on patrol for: Racoons, squirrels and NOW.........Great Blue Herons!  AGHGGG!!!!  Three different barks for each intruder!!!  Squirrel - squeal, screech and whine bark; Heron - WOW get out the artillery bark! - Racoon - Cover your ears bark!!

Pepper's Mom

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