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Arthritis acting up in my back again

Malcolm's Dad

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Hi. Haven't been online for quite a while. The arthritis in my back was really bad this winter. Can't stand up for long so most of the time I get settled in the lounger with pillows and cushions then stay there all day. Thank goodness for the microwave and the crockpot. Can't stand by the stove so the crockpot gets set up in the morning and it doesn't need attention for the rest of the day. The microwave is good too for something quick. Malcolm has been so good. He still gives me a hard time when I want him to come in from the yard otherwise he has been an angel.


Yikes! Dempsy's Farm has had some rough times. Dempsy's Mom gets knocked down by a cow and Dempsy's Dad get a finger sliced. OUCH and double OUCH.


And Idaho is back on the forum. Good to see him again.


Well while I can still sit by the computer have to post about Malcolm's missed Gotcha Day.


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Arthritis is no fun and slows me down too. Take care and keep us updated with you both! 


Oh, and how is Oscar?

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Chicago winters are miserable enough without arthritis to make them worse.  I hope the warmer weather brings you some relief.  


Stop by the forum whenever you are up to it.  There are plenty of us in the "arthritis crowd" here, so we can commiserate. :)

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My back hurt bad enough just by getting hit by the cow - it's horrible to have back pain - feel bad that your arthritis is in your back.  Jim has it in his hands and they look soar and swollen in the winter.  They limber up a bit in the summer.  and, of course, now his right hand really looks soar. :confused: Glad that you have Malcolm to give you entertainment and comfort.  ... and you always have us to help entertain you and cheer you up.  Hang in there!

Elsie, Max, Meeko & Lori


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yes, i can sympathize about chronic back pain. you gotta keep going or you're sunk. malcolm will try to inspire you. they do have a pretty good sense of what is going on with their humans. if he could fix you right up he would. 

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