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Dog booster seat for 15 pound Cairn. Any experience?


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He have some traveling coming up, and since we got the van, Divot can't see out the window when he's in a harness buckled into the seat.  I'm looking at getting a dog booster seat, but I'm not sure what size or style is worth the $$.  I'm thinking of getting one on the on the bigger size, so he can lie down in it.


Option A : http://www.amazon.com/Kurgo-Skybox-Booster-Black-Orange/dp/B001INRIQW/ref=sr_1_1?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1429289107&sr=1-1&keywords=dog+booster+seat


Option B: http://www.amazon.com/Solvit-Tagalong-Booster-Deluxe-Extra-Large/dp/B003F76Y78/ref=sr_1_2?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1429289519&sr=1-2&keywords=extra+large+dog+booster+seat



Is there another option for car safety and window access for our little love I should be considering?



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No experience with this, so I can't help with your decision. All I can think of is to send for one of the boosters knowing that you would have to pay for return postage if it didn't work out. Hopefully someone else will be able to help you more.


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I actually have a fair bit of experience with this one, as both my Maltese and my Cairn Addie have had car seats.


My Maltese (she passed away in 2009) had one of these (http://amzn.com/B00175ODHI) in small. Addie also had one in medium. It was GREAT for my Maltese (she was less than 10 lbs), and lasted from the day I bought it until after she passed away (and a friend took it for their dog, where it worked for years). For Addie, however, I noticed that the cushioning did not hold up well, and with her weight (20 lbs) the method used to secure the seat to the car was not very secure. The longer she had it the more it was clearly moving around when I made turns or stopped (and I'm a very careful driver, and I don't speed). And the more uncomfortable she seemed with less and less padding the longer her weight sat on it. Addie's had to be replaced after 3 years. 


About a year ago I purchased this in large for Miss Addie: http://amzn.com/B004ZJOKIU. I LOVE IT.  It is very sturdy, and the cover is washable and very easy to remove and put back on. The seat actually has two pieces: 1) the frame (for lack of a better word); and 2) the removable cushion the dog actually sits on. The frame provides structure for the seat, but the dog's weight actually doesn't rest on most of it; coupled with the type of strong foam it is, this is unlikely to suffer wear and tear like my previous car seat. The removable cushion - if it wears over time - can be restuffed, or you can put in a cushion or pillow of your choosing.  It secures to my car very much in a similar way to a child car seat. I imagine nothing is very safe in the event of a major car accident, but the car seat does not move, shift, jostle, or otherwise make this nervous mom worry whilst I am experiencing normal crazy DC driving conditions. Addie can look out the window, sit upright, and lay down. 


I know these are quiet expensive, but they are a fantastic investment. I travel with Addie all the time, and her car seat has taken her on endless day trips and long road trips. 


The two car seats you are looking at always make me a bit nervous, because there is nothing supporting them from the bottom, and the straps can fray overtime (especially with the weight of a Cairn on them consistently). They also tend to jostle and move more than the other car seats while driving. 

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Thanks for all the input, Whits!  It's great to hear from someone with experience.  I did order the second option I posted after visiting a pet store and seeing the size with Divot in it.  He's only 15 pounds, so he had a lot of room in it.  You make a good point about the moving around and no support under.  I'm hoping that a stiff cushion under it and the arm rests on each side will help tighten it in.  If not, I now have another option to consider!  Thanks!

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