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Napoleon made it through his dentistry ordeal


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I know we have been away for some time but we are back.


Napoleon had to have 7 teeth extracted today and at 9 years old I was afraid the worst would happen, but thank God he made it through.


I have had many dogs in y lifetime all rescued, Napoleon is the first bought one, unfortunately, my son bought him at a pet shop and I know he came from a puppy mill, and now as a senior all the ailments are beginning to show, I take good are of his teeth but even so, a couple of months ago I noticed that one had fallen, I thought perhaps because he loves to play tug o war with his toys but as it turns out due to poor genetics his teeth are very prone to cavities and gingivitis, poor guy, I feel so bad for him !!


I hope this is it for teeth extractions, now I have to have his teeth check every 3 months to make sure they are stable.

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Yikes!! 7 teeth pulled, what a surprise that mist have been for you. Hope Nap I is doing OK today, and won't have any more problems in the future. Feb. is Dental Month at our vet,so I think I'll take Sophie on for a free evaluation by a dental technician to see if she needs a cleaning. Did they recommend soft food for Napi now that he has so many fewer teeth?

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Gah, I'm bummed too when our guys come home with fewer teeth than they went in with, but I truly believe it's for the best to get bad teeth out.


I also agree that genetics plays some role and probably not a simple one. We've had dogs from along generally similar lines and yet some had teeth that were strong and sparkly while others were seemingly as big and strong but collected tartar and plaque like crazy.


When we were first feeding raw I read a lot (thousands of posts from all the email lists and whatnot) and shared concerns with others about how old dogs could manage. Many owners of old dogs reported that dogs with as few as ONE remaining tooth somehow managed to enjoy a bone. We feed ground so the bones aren't really an issue but it went a long way to reassure me that it isn't the number of teeth so much as the health of the remaining ones!

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Sorry Napoleon had to go through that and you.  Hope he is doing well and feels better.  I am not looking forward to the day when Demps has to have a tooth pulled.  Elsie has great teeth, but Demps has one they tell me to watch. :(  Rest well Napoleon and then mom will have a nice soft snack ready for you.  :hug:

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As you all well know Cairns are so resilient and Napoleon is doing well, they sent him home with antibiotics and pain meds. luckly he is very good about taking meds.


The vet recommended soft foods for about 5 days then back to normal, so boiled chicken and sweet potatoes on the menu for the next week or so.

She said that many of her patients have no teeth left and as long as you soften their kibble with liquid they do fine.

I'm sure once all healed he will again enjoy his bully sticks,

moving forward, she gave me a rinse and a gel that I need to use to clean his teeth, and in 2 weeks I will add doggie toothpaste, and brush his teeth 2x a day, I was only cleaning once a week, so in order to preserve the rest of his teeth we have to stick to the recommended routine.


Thank you all for the get well wishes,,,

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It is amazing with modern veterinary care how much better the chances of a successful procedure under anesthetic turns out. Jock had dental surgery at 11.5 yrs of age, suffering from chronic active hepatitis, and came through with flying colors. However, I was a total wreck!

Rosie had her teeth cleaned and scaled by a company that does so without going under anesthetic. I know this is a hot topic for debate, but I go to our vet clinic on a regular bases, and our vet has no issues with this. The reason being of course that she checks Rosie's teeth and gums and if she feels she needs deeper cleaning of course then it will get done with our clinic. Rosie gets her teeth brushed everyday and has no red gums or loose teeth. If I can keep this up with yearly scaling and vet checks I myself would prefer to do this.

One last thing. I stopped using dog toothpaste because she seemed to have some kind of allergic reaction to it. I now use a bit of coconut oil

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