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Holly and snow


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We had quite a bit of snow on Friday night and so took this photo of Holly Saturday

15930899110_077774614e.jpgP1000633 by dunster.josephine, on Flickr


Now it does not look like that now, as I cleared an area for her use for toileting, and she has walked all over the snow so bare patches have appeared.  The sun does not come into to my back garden in winter so it has remained packed and icy.

However, Holly ignores the clear area of grass but squats on the highest part of snow thus getting a cold bottom! :)

Not sure why she likes to do that, the daft girl!


She has always enjoyed snow in past but this year has not been keen and has been very reluctant to walk on the snow covered pavements so we have only had very short walks over last couple of days so think that must be something to do with the spinal stroke she had earlier in year making it harder for her left legs to cope.

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Holly isn't alone in seeking the high spots in the snow.  A few years ago I was walking Loki after it had snowed.  Snow doesn't usually last very long around here, but someone had shoveled their walk and piled it around a phone pole.  Loki went out of his way to climb to the highest possible spot before he lifted his leg, then walked away looking incredibly pleased with himself.  It was as if he was thinking "Let's see the neighborhood labs figure that one out!"

Who rescued whom?

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Holly is looking good!  She sounds just like me - I'd rather walk in 5ft of snow than chance the cleared areas that may be covered in black ice! ;)

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Holly looks great and Maisie wants to know where Holly got her pretty red coat?  Maisie is another one who ignores the shoveled out areas for her bathroom breaks and instead travels to the deepest part of the snow in our yard to take care of business.  Confuses me very much. :confused:

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The red coat is made inUK by a firm called Cosiepet, and is actually just like a nylon Mac with no lining, but it zips up back and covers her tum so very useful for rain or snow! Her harness also fits over it.


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