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Malcolm Is The Best Heating Pad

Malcolm's Dad

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We are having the January deep freeze in November this year. 20 degrees F this morning and they say maybe 9 degrees Monday morning. Spending a lot of time under the throws and blankets lately. Malcolm doesn't care to be covered. He will stay under the blanket for 5 mins then get up. That's ok. He will snuggle with me on top of the blanket. I can feel his warmth radiating through the blanket. It's like a heating pad on low. Very nice especially when he lays on my feet.

Problem is when I want to get up. Malcolm is comfortable and is not going to move. I never had to argue with a heating pad to get off my legs so I could get up.


I see it's even colder farther north in Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Idaho. Hope everyone is warm and comfortable up there. I can't imagine working on Dempsy's Farm in this frigid weather. That has to be unbearable.

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Here in Minnesota, very very cold and snowy -- Oban wants to be under the covers, but then he gets hot.  So he jumps off and moves UNDER the bed, his favorite summer sleeping place.  But then he gets cold.  So he wants to come back up on the bed - and under the covers. Then eventually he will get hot again -- and want to move onto the top of the bed, or perhaps under the bed again.


The problem with all of this?  We have switched sides of the bed while DH is recuperating from his knee replacement surgery.  He has moved to MY side of the bed, which is also the side of his knee surgery.  It is much easier for him to get into and out of bed this way.  But Oban cannot jump onto our pillowtop mattress, and so he is used to coming to "my" side of the bed and asking to be lifted up.  OOPS.  Now DH is on that side, and he does not wake up to the "Oban stare" and lift Oban into the bed.  Hence, Oban now barks once or twice to alert us to his needs.


I am now waking up several times a night to Oban's barks, getting up, walking around the bed, picking him up and putting him back on the bed.  Between DH and Oban, I am getting very little sleep.  Ouch. 


Cold was already a problem, but dogs that cannot decide whether they want to be up or down -- uff da, as they say in this north country...

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Lots of snuggling going on here too, Malcolm's Dad.  Can you believe we went from autumn to winter in one day??  Buffy has been keeping her daddy's legs warm every night in bed and Ziggy takes care of mine.  The only problem is getting up, trying to avoid squashing two dogs and a husband. :o

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 Oban cannot jump onto our pillowtop mattress, and so he is used to coming to "my" side of the bed and asking to be lifted up.


Would it help to buy a set of "Doggie Stairs", (small 3-4 step staircases) to put at the side of the bed for Oban to use?


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I just came on the forum to write a similar post and found this! :)  Hubby recently bought me a hot water bottle as I wanted one and never had one before. Tonight as Lola was snuggled up beside me on the couch, I rubbed her belly and remarked how warm it was. Nick said, "Yeah. I could have saved 6 quid. You could have just slept with Lola." :)  Problem is, whenever I've tried to nap with her, I always get the "butt in face" pose. :confused:

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